Great experience with my black Model 3 at Adam's Polishes' Detail Clinic Today

Great experience with my black Model 3 at Adam's Polishes' Detail Clinic Today

This morning I attended a free 2.5 hour detail clinic hosted by Adam's Polishes at their HQ in Denver. I drove my standard black Model 3 and attended to learn how learn tips on how to detail the car and keep it clean. Just prior to the clinic starting, someone from Adam's approached me and asked if they could use my Model 3 as the "test car." I said "sure, why not?" and figured it would be an opportunity to show off the technology and promote Tesla. The clinic was going to involve a demo on how to do a full wash, dry, polish, and apply paint protection.

I was lucky enough to have Adam attend and lead the clinic and he even worked on my Tesla for a little bit. The demon started outside with a full wash of the exterior of my car including the wheels. After the wash it was time to pull the car inside and I got to have some fun and show off by using the summons feature to move the car inside remotely, which definitely got some "oohs" and ahhhs."

Once the car was moved inside, it was dried and then prepped for polishing. One of the detailers at Adam's showed the group how to an area of my car and then asked who else wanted to give polishing a try? Fortunately, there were only a couple attendees who wanted to attempt to polish someone else's black Model 3 - which included me. After we went around the car with some compound and microfiber cutting pad and followed up with correcting polish and an orange pad, and the car looked amazing! The scratches, swirl marks, and etching on the paint were gone! And I could not believe how easy and foolproof it was to polish the paint and how easy it was to get amazing results. After we polished the car, they were kind enough to apply Adam's ceramic spray coating on the car - and the paint now looks better than new with a mirror finish! The ceramic spray coating should provide protection for up to 6 months.

When it was time to leave, the employees at Adam's put a large box into the back of my car and told me they had a nice thank you package for me for letting them use my car. When I got home I found the following in the box: 1 x Adam's Ceramic Paint Coating Kit, 1 x Dual Action Machine Polisher, 3 bottles of polish (compound/correcting polish/finishing polish), 1 x complete set of polishing pads, a polishing pad cleaning brush, 1/2 dozen premium microfiber towels, 1 x Detail Spray, and 1 x Brilliant Glaze. I could not believe it! Not only did they teach me (and others) how to take care of you car, but I got a bunch of free swag to keep my black Tesla looking perfect for years! I'll apply the more durable Adam's ceramic paint coating in 6 months after the ceramic spray coating wears off. Anyways - what a fun day, great company, and very nice/expert/helpful employees.

Wilber | 16 maart 2019

Wow! excellent! Sound like they did just about everything to your M3 to make it look great and stay that way! Must have been fun to hang with Adam and co! I have used a few of their products (with my blue M3 delivered 3 weeks ago) and have been very happy so far. and their online videos and online customer service are great!

M3phan | 16 maart 2019

Awesome story!