How does the Tesla turn on?

How does the Tesla turn on?

Hello there,

so I´m doing a project at school with my friends and I we used the Tesla Model S to demonstrate how a electric car is build up.
The main problem for me is how does a electric car turn on?
In all the other cars you turn around your key and through the starter the car goes on.
But how does it work in a Tesla?
There is no real key. Only a key that you cannot but somewhere or a really futuristic key card.
So I hope someone can help me find the solution to my problem.

Thanks in advance,

Some coincidences | 17 maart 2019

To drive, press the brake, and select Drive or Reverse with the stalk. The car senses the key FOB (model S/X) or phone (3/Y) and has no need for a starter button like antique ICE cars. In my opinion, all ICE cars are antiques :)

To turn off, exit the car. When you close the door it turns off automatically. As you get about 20 feet away the doors lock automatically.

jordanrichard | 17 maart 2019

When you approach a Tesla, it recognizes either the FOB (S and X) or the Bluetooth signal from your cell phone, for the Model 3.

Once you open the door, everything comes on, however in the lower corner of the screen it says the car is “off”. Tesla considers the car “off” because it can’t be put into “gear”/driven until you press the brake. To shut the car off, you simply get out and it turns off. This is done via a pressure sensor in the seat.

Some coincidences | 20 maart 2019

Thanks a lot, guys!! Now I´m perfectly prepared for the presentation. Wish me luck. (°.°)

BossHoss | 20 maart 2019

You chose a good subject.

And good luck SC!

BossHoss | 20 maart 2019

You chose a good subject.

And good luck SC!

marlinputnam8745 | 21 maart 2019

you can start your Tesla by pressing on the brake pedal and putting into gear, In model 3, if you are not using your phone key, place the keycard on the console and put the car into gear.

jessicaherman27 | 31 maart 2019

So maybe you can share your project with us? Thanks.

mufflesound | 1 april 2019

The vehicle uses a large traction battery pack to power the electric motor. Power electronics controller: This unit manages the flow of electrical energy delivered by the traction battery, controlling the speed of the electric traction motor and the torque it produces.

Yodrak. | 1 april 2019

"how does a electric car turn on?"

Define "turn on". In one way or another an EV is always 'on'.

jordanrichard | 2 april 2019

Yodrak, while I agree with you, Tesla does in fact define what "On" vs "Off" is. You get into your Tesla, while everything is on, as far as Tesla is concerned it is Off, hence why there are the words "Car Off" on the screen. Once you put your foot on the brake, then the car is "On" via displaying PRND.

I think they should display it as being either in "Standby Mode", upon entering the car and then "Drive Mode" upon stepping on the brake.

jimglas | 2 april 2019

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xeran | 2 april 2019

@jimglas Nice.

Yodrak. | 2 april 2019

"Tesla does in fact define what "On" vs "Off" is."

Note that I asked the OP how (s)he defines "on".