Now Only Owners Can Create Threads... That Sucks!

Now Only Owners Can Create Threads... That Sucks!

So now it looks like the forums have be limited so that only owners can create new threads. That stinks because the forum _was_ a great resource for potential buyers to ask questions about Teslas and EV ownership. Even though I'd already owned a number of EVs before getting my Tesla I found this forum invaluable for specific information on the Tesla Experience and it made me confident enough to buy a car without seeing the specific car beforehand.

The message "Posting to the Tesla Forums is now limited to verified Owners." at the top of the forums sure makes it seem like this policy might be here for a while.

I think it's a mistake.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 maart 2019

Are you worried that you may be the only crybaby owner?

jjt2122 | 21 maart 2019

I love that they restricted it to owners only, I was getting tired of the Tesla haters and especially though Korean spam postings, now it will finally feel better and easier to post for owners, people that don’t own Tesla’s can go to other Tesla forums on different sites to rant.

bradbomb | 21 maart 2019

Well I think its limited in that they can't START new threads. I believe they can join and post on existing threads. Honestly, I think its an improvement. One, it fixes the spammers problem that was happening every night. Two, now complaint threads that are started now will be coming from ACTUAL owners, and not fake ones that claim they own, but somehow post once about a problem and then DISAPPEAR from that thread

Carl Thompson | 21 maart 2019

The spam was definitely a problem they needed to address. But cutting off non-owners from posting new threads on Tesla's official forums seems like it can only hurt sales even if it's just a little bit.

Bighorn | 21 maart 2019

Lots of ways to get a question answered without thread creation privileges. Nothingburger.

SJMYY | 21 maart 2019

As someone that just placed an order for a MY, I can tell you that the fact that I could not start a new thread would not have dissuaded me from purchasing. In fact, even though I've put down my deposit I still can't start a new thread. Doesn't bother me, but YMMV.

cascadiadesign | 21 maart 2019

This is a good move, especially for a forum that is not moderated.

There are many other forums where a non-owner can start a new thread and ask questions. Tesla doesn't jump in here and answer or clarify anyway (not that I have seen), so any answers (right or wrong) you get are from forum members.

jjgunn | 21 maart 2019

Carl Thompson | March 21, 2019
But cutting off non-owners from posting new threads on Tesla's official forums seems like it can only hurt sales even if it's just a little bit.
Completely disagree.

What it does cutoff is idiots posing as "owners" & making up fake news.

You either have a VIN & vehicle in your account or you do not. If you do not, feel free to respond to any thread & ask a question related to the topic.

Truth on the internet!?!?!? BAH!!!

I love it! Boring? Perhaps..... It should've happened a long time ago.

Now we can get to solving real owners issues instead of fake news.

gballant4570 | 21 maart 2019

While I understand the OP sentiment, I agree that this in many ways constitutes an improvement.

Mike UpNorth_ | 21 maart 2019

Before I was an owner this forum was of great help.....but they can still ask questions within a thread so not a big deal IMO.....And eliminating the BS complaining posts from fake people is a huge win.....And the asian spamming was very annoying.
I think its a win.

Tesla2018 | 21 maart 2019

So what so you need to email them to prove you are an owner?

I sent a copy of my license and registration and a screen print showing my VIN number from when I logged into the myTesla account along with the location and date I picked up my car. Think this will be good enough?

coleAK | 21 maart 2019

I like the owners only. The garbage was getting deep on here.

-TheJohn- | 21 maart 2019

All I needed to get posting rights was to send them an e-mail and tell them my VIN.
It said it'd take 3 business days to get it done but in actuality it took 5-10 minutes and I now have posting privileges and Flagging rights.

I agree that it's a bit heavy handed but in absence of forum moderators it's a good idea. Folks should be able to find the answer to most any question already imho.

RichardKJ | 21 maart 2019

Actually your email address should be tied to your account and they can check that. Some folks have had problems because they did not get the owner flag turned on for the forums when they became owners. As long as your account shows you are an owner there should be no issue. The fact that they have made this change may mean that they have improved their process.

AWDTesla | 21 maart 2019

If you want a better forum, and not a place where man childs hang out, I suggest you post here:

cascadiadesign | 21 maart 2019

" ... If you want a better forum ..."

I agree. Teslamotors club is a great place to ask questions, and share information. They tend to keep it all about the car, and not about clashing personalities.

jjgunn | 21 maart 2019

RichardKJ | March 21, 2019
Actually your email address should be tied to your account and they can check that.
Ding ding.....use your e-mail that's tied to your Tesla account - e-mail them.

You won't need to give them your VIN or anything. Tesla can see your legitimate account with your car listed.

There isn't any faking this

don.lind | 21 maart 2019

There appears to be a biggish disconnect between the main "Tesla" site (where the My Account info clearly knows I'm an owner) vs. the forums which doesn't know I'm an owner.

As a retired software dev/support guy, it SEEMS like they should have someone write a program that "spins though" the "My Account" info and if there's a VIN in the My Account, make sure the "Owner" flag is set on the forums system.

This would be better for us. And I gotta believe it would be better for Tesla than responding to a bunch of e-mails from owners saying "Hey, I'm an owner. Don't you know that??? Fix your databases please." :-)

djharrington | 21 maart 2019

How long until the spambots start posting in threads?

dmastro | 21 maart 2019

Agree with Carl. Spam needed to be addressed but I think cutting off posting isn't the right solution.

I've frequently joined forums and posted many threads to research major purchases. I did the same on this forum and found it very helpful.

dmastro | 21 maart 2019

Interestingly enough, it seems my button to start a new thread is now gone. Maybe I need to give back my car??

Magic 8 Ball | 21 maart 2019

@don.lind Perhaps they get more data when people have to request owner rights to the forum?

Rodo | 21 maart 2019

@Magic 8 Ball: They already have all my info and a big chunk of what was in my bank...LOL

Rodo | 21 maart 2019

Automatic reply: Forum access...
Thank you for your email regarding the Tesla Forums. We are reviewing your request and will follow up in 3 business days. For more time sensitive issues please contact Tesla customer service.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 maart 2019

@Rodo Don't think they don't want more : 0, cause they do ; ).

Magic 8 Ball | 21 maart 2019

@Rodo Got the same one this morning. This afternoon I am now a flagger.

andre | 21 maart 2019

Yup, they turned mine on within 6 hours.

ODWms | 21 maart 2019

Absolute improvement, overnight. I cannot fathom how anyone can have a problem with this change, especially in light of the recent lunacy.

terminator9 | 21 maart 2019

hmm.. "Posting to the Tesla Forums is now limited to verified Owners. To verify your account, contact"... Posting or creating new threads? I am an owner, I can reply but not create new threads. I sent an email from my account a few days ago to support - seems like it takes them a week to do that which is fine. BUT it just seems like busy work for someone to do this for no reason. I use the same login to log into my account at and forums so this can't be so hard to automatically without a human linking the two.

M3phan | 21 maart 2019

I welcome the change for reasons listed: spam, posers, fake news.

FactDoc | 21 maart 2019

that was the thing to do

apodbdrs | 21 maart 2019

Definitely a very good move, Owners only can post a new thread! Non owners can make their comments in existing threads.

SO | 21 maart 2019

The spammers will just change their script to post in all the recent threads.

AWDTesla | 22 maart 2019

@cascadiadesign the difference in attitudes is really amazing. Lots of posters here would get punched in the mouth if that is how they talked to people IRL.

calvin940 | 22 maart 2019

This thread creation limit to owners is a step in the right direction. It definitely gets rid of a lot of the nonesense threads that eat up time and effort to *actual owners* have discourse about their experiences and feedback. As others have identified, you can go elsewhere if you want a place to be filled up by garbage threads.

httran26 | 22 maart 2019

Just wanted to put my 2c in and say that limiting to owners creating new threads is a great idea.
Good job Tesla.

Frank99 | 22 maart 2019

I spent two years reading and posting on here before I was able to buy my Modwl 3, and it was a tremendous support system for keeping my interest high and my deposit firmly in Tesla's control. I am sorry to see this disappear for new prospective owners.
I understand that the provocateurs and a spammers were a problem; it seems to me that an "Owner" identifier on posts would have solved the provocateur problem easily. The spam problem may have required more resources than they were willing to expend - for example, requiring non-owner new threads to be reviewed before being made public. I fear that the current solution will simply encourage the spammers to start adding their spam as replies on every existing thread.

hjbrager | 22 maart 2019

I would LOVE to be an owner, but still no Tesla 3. The 2-4 weeks will end in one week, but still no Tesla. The snow is finally gone from the Pacific NW, but still no Tesla. Well, I've waited almost 2 years, I guess I can wait a little longer. Where is my Tesla?

ALDONY | 22 maart 2019

While I agree with some stating that the forum should allow non owner to ask questions and post. I also was tired or reading Chinese posts and fake negative posts.

I am sure that non owner will find answers here, also because the owners are the one that actually encounter real problems with real solutions

scottman | 22 maart 2019

I'm undecided about the policy. Maybe a better captcha at the bottom to prevent bots? I think the haters/shorts will always be identifiable.

yudansha™ | 22 maart 2019

@Magic 8 Ball "Are you worried that you may be the only crybaby owner?" Don't worry, I am still here.

Furry Mark | 22 maart 2019

As a reservation holder (but not owner as Model 3 is not available in UK yet), I am irritated by this change, but it isn't a deal breaker as there are other places I can ask questions.

kallian | 22 maart 2019

Improvement definitely. Non owners can read about all the issues/features and make an informed decision.

howard | 22 maart 2019

It was unfortunately a needed restriction. With a bit of diligent searching all questions and concerns can be addressed by those really wanting to know.

FactDoc | 22 maart 2019

now Incan flag too

ODWms | 22 maart 2019

Non owners can still read threads and posts. They just can't start new threads. We have experienced a quite literal overnight cessation of the bombardment of troll and spam bot threads due directly to the changed implemented, and people are mad. I'm sorry, but I don't see the problem here.

guydude | 22 maart 2019

Thank god!!! Only owners should be allowed to post in here anyways!

walnotr | 22 maart 2019

Although I think it was a necessary move to help clean up the forum, my very first post was to ask a question before I was even able to place an order. Perhaps it should be at least opened to those that have made their deposit?

rmitchum | 23 maart 2019

@walnotr I agree with your post. . . .
Early on ( June 2012 ) when only roadsters had been delivered, I was given full access ( regional forums etc.) when I made a ( $5,000! ) deposit. I had to ask to get access, which was rescinded that December when I had to withdraw that deposit before I could order. I didn't ask for access when I made a Model 3 deposit, but I bet Tesla would have obliged if I did. I still get plenty of information here and over at TMC etc. so I haven't really missed the full access.

steveishere | 23 maart 2019

Finding out more about the car may be a legitimate use case to start a post, but given anonymous nature of a forum, I am not sure if making a post in a forum is a "great" resource for making decision to buy a car. The benefit of this use case is much smaller than the benefit of having a cleaner forum imo.

@walnotr +1 on opening the forum to those that have made their deposit.