National Day of Action if Barr does not release Mueller's complete report

National Day of Action if Barr does not release Mueller's complete report

tew ms us | 3 april 2019

Does it matter that there are laws that prohibit disclosure of parts of Mueller's report?

Answer: Not to progressives. Watch the videos of radical leftists attacking right-to-life protesters, conservative speakers, and anyone wearing a MAGA cap. It's fine to hate Trump, but going after his supporters crosses the line between civil society and anarchy. Washington Dems are running a scam; they know Barr can't release an unredacted report.

sabbia | 3 april 2019

@tew. There are laws that prohibit disclosure of parts of the report. There is also common sense that prohibits disclosing national security secrets.

On the other hand, the recent resolution of the House didn't ask for that. It asked for two things: The public release of the Mueller report, “except to the extent the public disclosure of any portion thereof is expressly prohibited by law”
“The full release to Congress of any report”

Grand jury proceeding may legally be shared with Congress when there is a compelling national interest.

By the way, just so you know, Ken Starr did release parts of grand jury testimony.

jimglas | 3 april 2019

Barr can release an unredacted report to congress

Darthamerica | 3 april 2019

Since the was no Russian collusion, what's the compelling national interest? The only interest is the DNC trying to save face and to misconstrue the report for political purposes.

jimglas | 3 april 2019

maybe to see the evidence that resulted in the 17 ongoing investigations into the trump crime syndicate?

sosmerc | 3 april 2019

...AND, WHEN does anyone get to examine Trump's past tax returns? (they could contain "evidence")

Tesla-David | 3 april 2019

@jimglas +1 Totally agree!

Darthamerica | 3 april 2019

Look into the FISA warrants that were used improperly. I don’t think some people want to open that can of worms. Bottom line is the investigation was a hoax coup attempt that failed. Mueller didn’t find anything linking the President to Russia. It foolish to keep pushing this and it will be the downfall of those who do so.

mialink | 3 april 2019

What, specifically, was improper about the FISA warrants?

rxlawdude | 3 april 2019

@tex "Watch the videos of radical leftists attacking ..."

While one merely needs to tune into Fox "News" prime time to watch radical right wingnuts attacking.

Pot, see Kettle.

rxlawdude | 3 april 2019

Er, @tew, not @tex.

jimglas | 3 april 2019

the FISA warrants were obtained and used properly. The orange shitgibbon lied about that, like he does everytime he opens his pie hole. Only an ignorant fool would believe anything he says.

Darthamerica | 3 april 2019

@Jim this is why your side is losing credibility. The Mueller report looked into those warrants and found them to be BS. So you do not have to “believe” Trump. It’s time for you partisans to move on from this one...

jimglas | 3 april 2019

Another nonsense post by darth

SCCRENDO | 3 april 2019

@Darth. What is the problem with seeing the report. If there were issues as you claim perhaps we will see it in the report. When the summary suits your case your want to hide the evidence. You guys do this with climate change denial. You find some discredited scientists who posts some drivel without evaluating the scientific strength.

But let us play devil's advocate here. As stated above the FISA warrants were fully legal. However even if there was an issue and the president committed a bunch of crimes shouldn't we know about it. Barr was handpicked by Trump because he wrote an 18 page memo discrediting the Mueller investigation. Most logical thinkers would not consider him a disinterested party or even an honest broker. He wrote his own 4 page interpretation of a 400 page report. And you blindly accept the Barr cliff notes over an extensive unbiased report. Barr felt that Trump could not be charged with collusion. But it does not mean there wasn't. Russia interfered in our election and a bunch have been indicted for this.There were a lot of Russian shenanigans and many meetings with Trump's family and advisors and they lied about them. Lot's of Trump officials are on their way to jail. Trump was trying to build a Trump tower at least up to the time he was elected. Why is he soft on Putin yet is rude to our friends. He also was not exonerated on the obstruction charge. And who knows what else was uncovered, WE need to see the report.

Certainly when the shoe was on the other foot the Republicans tried to dig up whatever the could find on Hillary. They still want to put the Clintons in jail. I have breaking news. Hillary is not running in 2020

You guys make me sick. Why would you cover up for an incompetent, lying, misogynistic, racists, corrupt president who possibly even committed and may be continuing to commit TRE45ON and other crimes

jimglas | 3 april 2019

don't forget that republicans released the complete report, including grand jury testimony, when it was a democratic president who lied about getting a BJ. Their hypocrisy is stunning, this is about real crimes and treason.

Darthamerica | 3 april 2019

@SCC I do not need to see the report. I would only have been interested if it indicated there was Russian collusion. I would want to understand that in detail. However, since it fully exonerated President Trump then I have ZERO interest in it. I do not want YOU, DNC or the FAKE NEWS MEDIA to see it in an unedited/redacted form. I don’t want to hear months of Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper spinning lies about it to the public. What I’m hoping for is that Barr releases it in redacted bits and pieces. This will mute a lot of the socialists liberal agenda like AGW, gun control, healthcare and open boarders. It will also limit coverage of the Dem candidates because the media frenzy will be all on Trump. This will make him many times stronger than he already is. The Mueller report is a great political tool to be taken advantage of!

jimglas | 3 april 2019

an innocent man is not afraid of the truth. no matter what you "want", there are 17 ongoing investigations that were started based upon evidence revealed by Muellers investigation. The beliefs or wants of his cult do not matter, only the truth.

SCCRENDO | 3 april 2019

Like on climate change where you are happy to see a graph from a discredited scientist rather than see the facts you are happy to see the cliff notes from a Trump plant rather tah an extensive $12m dollar 22 month report from a highly respected Republican investigator. who has already indicted many witches from the broom closet.. Have you ever thought about why Rachel Maddow and pretty much everyone else on all news stations except Fox keep talking about this stuff. Perhaps because there is a lot there???

The more you speak the more it is apparent how selectively closed minded you are in particular when the facts contradict your incorrect preconceived notions.

jimglas | 3 april 2019

fox is lying to you, any rational person understands that. How do you know that the Mueller report has "cleared the president"?, nobody has seen it except his personal protector.

tew ms us | 3 april 2019

Some points:

1) Ken Starr was an Independent Counsel and was allowed to disclose Grand Jury testimony.

2) I wouldn't bet against Trump having committed crimes in his real estate career. The most likely crimes would be bribing local officials and labor bosses to expedite construction.

3) Schmoozing is a negotiation tactic. Does anyone really believe Trump loves North Korea's Little Kim? If you've ever bought real estate from a realtor, you've been schmoozed. Then there's the hurt friend ploy: "I thought we were on the same team here. Why don't you live up to your NATO commitments?

4) Mueller didn't indict anyone close to Trump for helping him get his Kremlin orders. You think the Russians made drops, say in a Big Mac, to issue commands?

SCCRENDO | 3 april 2019


1) Agree Starr was an independent counsel. But he still needed permission to release grand jury information. However Congress is an independent branch of government that oversees the president and is entitled to see all materials. They receive classified material all the time. It would definitely be in the public interest to see this as well. But this would be subject to getting permission from a judge.

2) I would bet there are real estate crimes. Most of us would think that those crimes in themselves are disqualifying. It seems you guys have set the bar so high that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue and you would ignore it. He also has not been exonerated of obstruction of justice. As regards collusion according to Barr they did not have enough evidence to indict. But who knows what other presidential shenanigans he could have been up to that may have even bordered on TRE45ON. We need to see the report.

3. Schmoozing can be good. But the "Best negotiator" in the world ended up giving Kim credibility he didn't deserve and came back empty handed.

4) Mueller didn't indict anyone close to Trump yet for conspiring with Russians. But that could still be coming through other jurisdictions. The indictments and investigations are not over. All the more reason to see what Mueller said

Why are you all scared to see the report??

jimglas | 3 april 2019

yes, they are .....

SCCRENDO | 3 april 2019

@Darth, You lack of addressing facts and misinterpretation of reality gives me great confidence for the Dems in 2020

tew ms us | 4 april 2019


1) "Special Counsel" replacing "Independent Counsel" was to put an SC under the rules of the DOJ.

2) "The charge of high crimes and misdemeanors covers allegations of misconduct by officials". At the time I speculate Trump was bribing local officials and labor bosses Trump wasn't a government official.

3) Trump inherited the precedent that once a despot got rid of his WMD the US would help kill him. Little Kim probably regards his nuclear arsenal as an insurance policy, and Trump must find a way to assure Kim's personal safety. As for Trump coming away with nothing from Kim, I think Hawaiians who put their kids down manholes in response to a false report of a nuclear attack, made credible by Kim's shooting missiles all over the Pacific, would disagree.

4) I'm not scared of Mueller's report, but guys like Mueller scare me. If Mueller needs you to "sing or compose" (thank you Professor Dershowitz) to his satisfaction, he'll come down pretty hard on you for disappointing him.

SCCRENDO | 4 april 2019


1) Unfortunately yes. And Trump has a stooge (Barr) in place to protect him. But the truth needs to come out. We should have had an independent counsel but the Republican congress prevented that. It is interesting that the Trump defenders are seeking any means to demean the investigation. Every citizen in this country should be encouraging transparency and want the truth to come out either to prove what most of us believe is true or to truly clear him as you guys are hoping for.

2 We will only know once we see the report. Also crimes committed before the presidency are still crimes and should be prosecuted accordingly. They may also be subject to impeachment.

3. Previous presidents have also tried and failed with North Korea. They just didn't dignify him as Trump has done. Kim has always paused his rocket firing in the past. In fact when Trump came in he escalated. He is still building nukes and probably doesn't need to test. But that could start up anytime. He has achieved nothing except giving Kim some recognition and in fact admiration

4. Are you scared of Mueller because he is a Republican honest independent thorough investigator who achieves honest good results. I guess you prefer stooges like Barr that give the results you want

jimglas | 4 april 2019

this should be a Pentagon Papers moment, some patriot has to step forward and leak the report to several newspapers

Tesla-David | 4 april 2019

@Jimglas yes, totally agree. This is a time when country first demands such an action. The Mueller report WILL be daylighted.

Harsha_G | 4 april 2019

Why is political partisan threads allowed on this forum? This is only for tesla related news ..
did the Serbians try to interfere in US elections?

rxlawdude | 4 april 2019

@Harsha, because this is the "general" forum. It is NOT "only for tesla (sic) related news."

Please feel free to skip any thread that disturbs you. Just like a woman should have the choice as to her own body, but too damn many conservatives (generally white males) are happy to tell her to carry a pregnancy to term rather than allowing her to make that CHOICE.

You have CHOICE. Don't read threads that from their title upset your values.

Easy peasy.