Tesla Sales Sucks

Tesla Sales Sucks

I was trying to order an inventory MX by the end of the last quarter and I contacted an OA

Originally I was trying to lease the car. My OA said he will work with the finance team to get approval. Then he disappeared. I called/texted/emailed several times without success.

No one else at Tesla was willing to help me. And on 03/31 I finally knew the lease was denied and was asked to apply for finance. I applied and got a decision at 6pm PST saying the rate is only valid if I can take delivery by 03/31. What a joke!

During all this time my OA didn’t contact me even once.

I called today to cancel my order. Does anyone else feel the same? Tesla sales SUCKS.

This experience is so bad that I’m now considering selling my Model 3 and stay away from Tesla.

JustSaying | 2 april 2019

"And on 03/31 I finally knew the lease was denied and was asked to apply for finance. I applied and got a decision at 6pm PST saying the rate is only valid if I can take delivery by 03/31"
Wow sounds like,given the short time offer it might have been a great finance rate , especially after being turn down for a lease .
I might have have jumped on it.
What is your finance rate today?

yy0603 | 2 april 2019

It was the standard 3.75.

Today is 4. So I’m paying 1k more in interest.

The point is, you don’t tell your customer on Sunday at 6pm that you have to take delivery by end of the day. Delivery centers close at 7pm.

Through out the whole process I feel that they dont care about my business. So I don’t want give them my money. We shouldn’t be treated this way considering it’s a 100k car. Even Toyota treats you better.

JustSaying | 2 april 2019

$1,000 bucks for an hour of inconvenience sounds like a good offer to me?

yy0603 | 2 april 2019

I’ll end up paying 1k more because of their laziness and inconsistency. They should compensate the difference instead.

JustSaying | 2 april 2019

All of The Tesla people were focused on their mission to deliver as many Teslas as they could
by quarter end 3/31.
I would guess there were no Tesla employees that had lazy weekend.

Xerogas | 2 april 2019

Dear @, your story is suspect, based on your username. You’re really considering selling the best car you’ve ever owned, just to spite one salesperson at the company?!?

Uncle Paul | 2 april 2019

Most deals have an expiration date. Sounds like you just missed that deal.

carlk | 2 april 2019

What is OA?

lilbean | 2 april 2019


yy0603 | 2 april 2019

That's not the case with my OA at least. He left for vacation in Asia on Saturday and left me stranded. Apparently he is having a good time while everyone else is trying to deliver as many cars as possible. He didn't even bother to ask his coworkers to take over my case.

Finance send me approval at 6pm PST on Sunday and told me the deal expires the same day? Delivery centers are all closed by then.

I have a M3 and love it. But my M3 didn't involve any sales person. Tesla is even worse than traditional dealerships when actual sales people are involved in the deal.

yy0603 | 2 april 2019

OA = Owner Advisor

kcheng | 2 april 2019

Yeah, kooky. Reminds me of that end of September text message that got blasted out.

Tesla: We've matched you with a car, can you take delivery between now, Wednesday, and Sunday?

I answered in less than a minute, then drove off to my credit union to start the financing paperwork. A half day later after reading the message boards, I realized it was a joke. No, there was no car matched to my order. There may have been a car matched to about 1000 people's similar orders, but not mine specifically. But hey, let's get everyone scrambling to get their financing done for last second delivery, woohoo!

Wormtown Kris | 3 april 2019

I would definitely sell your Model 3 and buy a Toyota. That'll show 'em!!!

carlk | 3 april 2019

He's a liar. He does not love his Model 3. A Toyota would suit someone like him fine.