16 gb Thumb drive now says read only after removing from Model 3

16 gb Thumb drive now says read only after removing from Model 3

I pulled out my Tesla cam thumb drive like I've done other times. Did not hold the camera icon. I haven't the other times either. Anyway this time when I went to view the files it said I needed to format the drive. After not being able to access it I decided to format it using fat32 but it pops up a message that the drive is write protected now. I had sentry mode on a couple of times and am wondering if this is related to that or maybe the last update. I'm on 8.5 now. Anyone got any answers?

suddled | 9 april 2019

Its probably burnt, like toast. That happened to one of mine before. I tried everything I could, Windows, Mac, Linux, all kinds of partition tools, nothing fixed it. I could still view some of the videos just not delete or format at all. So I would just suggest you buy a replacement, probably a 64GB or 128GB since they are cheap and get a decent brand with high speeds. Good luck.

MoonDog | 9 april 2019

My understanding is that there is a feature on many thumb drives that after a certain number of 'writes' it automatically disables writing capability since it is no longer reliable and it is expected that writing capability will fail soon. I guess saving any important data and getting a new one is what you'll need to do. | 9 april 2019

It is really bad to remove the flash drive in the middle of writing. It's important to turn off the dashcam recording before drive removal.

Basically as it looses power, it may write anywhere on the drive. Often, this is not so much an issue, but randomly it may kill the drive or damage the file allocation table. Sometimes a format brings back the drive, but as you found out, sometimes not. Quality of drive has zero to do with this issue.

wiboater4 | 9 april 2019

Went and bought a Sandisk 128 GB drive for $23. at Best Buy. installed TeslaCam folder and that is working now. I'm wondering if since the old drive was only 16 GB that it filled up completely and that is maybe why I can't access it. Not a big loss it was a cheap drive. found a video on you tube explaining how to clear write only but he stated you have to use the same computer that put the write only on it. I'm guessing the Tesla did that so no way to get it cleared unless somehow Tesla does it.