Lights on during the day

Lights on during the day

My MS is on 2019.8.5. I just noticed today that my lights were on in the middle of the day with the sun out and very little clouds in the sky. Maybe it’s been happening, but I’ve never noticed that before. I did get my windshield replaced yesterday, so I was wondering if this is potentially a windshield issue or if this is related to the latest firmware release. Is anyone else seeing this? And yes, I have rebooted since the firmware update a week ago. | 11 april 2019

I have 8.5, and not seeing this. Doubt windshield would cause this either, but possible. If you have AP, does it work? If so, it should rule out the cameras (which detect the brightness outside). If AP is not working, then perhaps the AP module behind the mirror wasn't connected up properly after the glass replacement.

Silver2K | 11 april 2019

I would turn lights off and back on and see if they stay on | 11 april 2019

Also try a reboot - often fixes strange problems after an update.

Ohmster | 11 april 2019

^That's the answer to most of the issue's my wife has (not just after an update). But, it does work 90% of the time when it is not user error related.

It's the other 10%+ that really piss her off. Whether they be user error or a true Service Center required fix.

'17 S75 & X75D: (Uncorked EAP FSD AP2.5 Bio 8.5)*2. Grin on!

packpike | 11 april 2019

Have rebooted, have turned lights off, neither helped. AP is working. It did crash once on the way home from the service center yesterday, but I rebooted and it's worked flawlessly since.

Bighorn | 11 april 2019

Did you start out from a dark garage?

raffidesigns | 11 april 2019

Do you have auto light turned on?

packpike | 12 april 2019

Yes, auto lights are turned on.

@Bighorn - I did both. I started out from a dark garage and then later started from a full-sun parking lot. Several small trips and they stayed on unless I manually changed from auto to off. The sun’s coming up now so I’ll check it out again today.

Silver2K | 12 april 2019

I would try a flashlight aimed directly on the sensor and see if the lights go off.

This has happened in the past to AP2 cars

Bighorn | 12 april 2019

I sometimes wonder if the headlights come on for low incident light where people might be blinded by the sun close to the horizon.

barrykmd | 12 april 2019

The headlights are flaky like the wipers. They don't come on in fog or snow, like they should. Other times, it's 2 hours after sunrise on a clear day, and they're still on. Sometimes going through a short tunnel wakes the sensor up and they go off when exiting.

Speaking of wipers, first rain here in a month or two and the slow intermittent wipe is way too sensitive now.

packpike | 12 april 2019

Speaking of wipers, I turned on the wipers to the first setting today as I was anticipating rain and when I did they turned on but with the intermittent setting. I checked my vehicle settings again and confirmed that I have auto wipers turned on. So it seems like my auto headlights and auto wipers are no longer working on auto. That has me thinking that this is something else. When I had my windshield replaced I also had the HEPA filter upgrade done. For that upgrade they had to make software changes to give me the bio defense option. I’m thinking somewhere along the way something has gotten screwed up in the software in my vehicle. Thoughts?

packpike | 12 april 2019

@barrykmd - normally flaky maybe, but this is flat out not working. I’m usually pleased with the wipers except at night and have never had to run my lights manually.

Bighorn | 12 april 2019

If you've rebooted and are still seeing these issues, I'd start to think the windshield replacement may be the culprit since that houses the sensor for rain and wipers. The only other thing I can think to try is a Power Down, but I suspect this is a service issue based on additional info.

packpike | 12 april 2019

@Bighorn - that's what I was originally thinking, but the wipers don't work randomly, they're running as if I have the auto-wipers option turned off. They perfectly run every 3 seconds or so. If I move to the next setting they run every 1.5 seconds or so (rough estimates from my memory). The wipers aren't running because they're getting false water detections. It's as if the auto feature has disappeared even though it's turned on. Yes, I turned it off and back on, but no change. That's got me thinking that the lights are working as if the auto-setting is disabled too. That led me to software. I've texted the tech that was working on my vehicle and I'll see what he says.

Bighorn | 12 april 2019

I understood the wiper situation, which is why I thought the sensor may be buggy or shorting out/on.

rucheet | 12 april 2019

I’ve had my windshield replaced twice on my 2018 Model S and had the same problem. You have to either wait for the next software update or just call Tesla service and they will send most recent software update again. This fixed the headlights and auto wipers issue for me. Something about the software update resetting the Driver Assistance Software. Hope that helps!

packpike | 14 april 2019

Thanks rucheet. I’ll reach out to service tomorrow to see if they’ll push me a new update. I had asked for 2019.12 while there and they said that I was on the latest firmware already (2019.8.5).

rucheet | 14 april 2019

Not a problem! I would just ask them to send you the latest firmware you have installed on your car again. Thats all it took for me and the problem was solved. At first they did not understand why I needed the software again and told me to bring the car in. Since this was my second time with this issue, I did explain to them that I needed the firmware to reset the Driver Assistance Software. Once I explained things, they sent the update and everything worked again.

packpike | 15 april 2019

That did it. I was hoping they would push down some new firmware, but instead got the same that I already had 2019.8.5. Oh well, at least the lights and wipers work properly again. Thanks for your help!

rucheet | 15 april 2019

You’re welcome. Glad it worked!!

FreddyC10 | 16 april 2019

I have version 2019.8.6. Today I noticed my headlights were on driving home from the golf course. I haven't noticed that before. I turned the lights off and waited a couple minutes then put them back in Auto. The lights came back on. I turned them off again and left them off. Just before driving into my garage, I turned them back to auto (they were off for about 5 minutes). The lights stayed off until I pulled into my garage and they turned back on like they always do. Could it be a little bug in the firmware update?

Yodrak. | 16 april 2019

"Today I noticed my headlights were on driving home from the golf course. ... Could it be a little bug in the firmware update?"

No, it's retribution for spending time at the golf course. :-)