Tesla App doesn't power on my TouchScreen

Tesla App doesn't power on my TouchScreen

Hi everybody, I am the happy owner of a model 3 in Belgium . I have no words to describe the pleasure I have driving this car; a jump in future of mobility, indeed. I have a problem though : my Tesla App doesn't power on the Touch Screen. I realized that when I use my Tesla App ( Android on HTC U11 smartphone connected or not to the car) to unlock the car , the TouchScreen remains off. In fact , the screen doesn't light up and I cannot use the menu. I can control the music with the control knob on the steering wheel , that's the only function available. The only solution to power on the Tscreen is a soft/hard reboot and use the card key. The firmware has been updated to the latest version. All other function and commands from the app to the car , operates correctly. I suppose there is a problem with touchscreen software , not the app or smartphone . I uninstalled and reinstalled the app, same issue came back. Anybody experienced the same case? Any solution ? Thanks a lot. PS. I shall give a try with an Iphone to see if happens the same...but in the meantime , maybe I get a reaction, thanks.

njchillie | 17 april 2019

Sounds like a warranty item. Contact Tesla.

gabtesz | 17 april 2019

Thanks, I already asked for an appointment on May 29...let's see.

Magic 8 Ball | 17 april 2019

Congrats on your car. I am having difficult following the description of your issue.

It sounds like your screen does come on with a reboot. What causes the screen to turn off? Is it when you exit car and then come back to car the screen is dark and then you have to reboot to get it up again?

I don't understand how you are associating the phone app to the screen in the car going dark???

gabtesz | 18 april 2019

Thanks....I try to reformulate my issue: it happened several times till now, when I unlocked the car with the help of the unlock command from the Tesla app ( Android) , the touchscreen doesn't power on ( remains off - dark) . If I use the Tesla key-card in 100% of cases the screen lights up. Hence, I associate the phone app to the screen remaining dark in the car.
Oh , and by the way, today while driving , the touch screen went off ( dark ) . Lost my phone communication and music..after soft reboot , all came back to normal....I was in town traffic so it wasn't scary for me ( unlike for other drivers who experienced dark screen while driving on motorway).