Window Tinting - Cost and Type

Window Tinting - Cost and Type

I just called a shop that has excellent reviews here in the North Texas area (Tritek Window Tinting.)

I asked them how much it would be for ceramic window tinting for the sunroof, back window, and 4 doors.
They told me that it would be $1,000 and take about 4-5 hours. I about dropped the phone, is this a normal price for ceramic tint? Seems a bit excessive although it is a lot of glass to cover. When I did a Google search, $100-$800 dollars was the expected range.
It gets pretty hot

I'm going to call a few more places but I wanted to know what ya'll paid for your window tinting and what type of film you used.
Is the Ceramic worth it? Should I go with something else? Thanks in advance.

seang | 19 april 2019

Thats definitely pretty high in my opinion, there are places in Austin that'll do it all for 649 if you want the back glass roof done too. Consider not doing the roof and it should be around 299? (For ceramic)

SRod | 19 april 2019

I had mine done at Flexshield - Denton -ceramic tint one pc back window, all four doors and windshield $760. They did a great job.

phinallydone03 | 19 april 2019

just had mine done, 4 doors and back for $359 (nano Ceramic).

cosmicwarrior | 19 april 2019

SRod, that sounds pretty good and their ratings are really good too. Glad to hear they do one piece because I've heard some places trying to split it in half, yuck! Did you do the sunroof area? I've never done the windshield either but I've always been curious to see what it looks like, you have any pictures you could share?

stopnair | 19 april 2019

Just dropped off my car to a tint shop in Valencia CA.. Doing the back glass (1 piece), all sides and windshield for $880 cash. Windshield is 70% Rayno S9, and others are all 15% with Rayno S5.

Tint shop has over 485 5 star reviews...

bcb2220 | 19 april 2019

$550 for all windows (except front windshield).

Suntek ceramic tints

18% front and back glass (one piece)
5% rest

Bay Area

EbiPeople | 20 april 2019

bcb2220 can you share the Bay Area shop you used?

ModernTriDad | 20 april 2019

Just paid $400 for ceramic 20% rear windshield (up to top defrost line) and 4 side windows in Rochester, NY. If I did it again, I'd probably go with 35% but it does look great and toddlers in back seat will be much happier!

Ocala.Joe | 20 april 2019

I went with the legal limits in FL, ceramic tint, rear is to the top defrost line, and 4 doors cost $220

jestrada3 | 20 april 2019

I paid $650 for Formula 1 Pinnacle Ceramic tint on all four windows and a onepiece on the back glass. Did not do the moonroof or windshield. I did 20% all the way around which isn't legal, but every other car in Los Angeles has illegal tint.

tesla88919 | 20 april 2019

Xpel Prime 20% around $550 in Philadelphia area. Looks great!

knects | 21 april 2019

Formula 1 Pinnacle Ceramic in Utah. 400.00 35% rear 40% front windows one piece back window. 100.00 to film protect the console.

jweiner | 21 april 2019

Pardon my stupidity, but what are ceramic tints? Isn't tinting just a thin film of sticky celophane-like material?

tswalace | 21 april 2019

Just got a quote, gonna go Ceramic but thinking of not doing the rear this time. Field of rear view visibility is very narrow already and top half of rear is already heavily tinted...

Mootini | 15 mei 2019

tesla88919 — Who in the Philadelphia area did your Xpel window tint. I am looking for an installer.

mumnoon1 | 2 december 2019

Any recommendation for Austin area to get TM3 tinted?

sonia.diana06 | 7 december 2019

Any recommendation for Houston?

RayNLA | 8 december 2019

Texas Tint Masters

jordanrichard | 8 december 2019

Does everyone here wear their sunglasses at night?