Tesla App shows Powerwall as "Unavailable"

Tesla App shows Powerwall as "Unavailable"

Most of the time the Tesla App shows my Powerwall 2 as "Unavailable" Every once in a while it works for a while and then becomes unavailable again, sometimes for several hours. It doesn't matter if my Android phone (Note 9) is on my home WiFi network, other WiFi networks, or on the Verizon data network.

Any ideas as to what the problem is?

bob.joan22 | 1 februari 2020

Tesla app Home Energy Gateway showing "Unavailable"

DAVIDD8000 | 12 april 2020

I am having the same problem, for about a week now. Any clues?

gregbrew | 13 april 2020

Which method does the PW use to communicate with the Tesla servers? The choices are wired Ethernet to the home network, WiFi to the home network, or cellular data through the AT&T network. Others here have reported that their connection to the AT&T cellular network is problematic, i.e. going up and down. If the TEG is connecting and disconnecting through AT&T, it could be causing massive disruption to the data flow to the Tesla servers.

A wired Ethernet connection to the home is probably the best connection, with home WiFi a close second. Mine is set up to use WiFi, and has a solid signal at the TEG. If you connect directly to the TEG's own WiFi WAP, you can see if there's a connection to the Tesla servers by the little green indicator at the top of the screen. If that's not green, I'd give Tesla Customer Service a call. 888-765-2489