Longest drive

Longest drive

Hi, what is the longest drive you've ever done with your Tesla?

Mine is 142.39 miles! It took me 2h 38min

You can explore and recreate my drive:

Wattsworth | 17 mei 2019

According to TeslaFi, my longest drive was 145.58 mile. It took 2 Hours 58 Minutes and used 56% of battery capacity.

ReadyKW | 17 mei 2019

241.2 miles from Conifer, Co to Ogallala, NE. Had 18% remaining and driving with AP set to 75. Lot's of elevation change, however.

RedPillSucks | 17 mei 2019

360 miles, 720 round trip.

gmr6415 | 17 mei 2019

2300 miles. (roughly)

beaver | 17 mei 2019

220 miles without stopping, went from 100% to 15%, gained 4K elevation in the cold and wind.

Teslanene | 18 mei 2019

On a good day 300+ yards, going out to the range today.

kevin_rf | 18 mei 2019

Did Boston Area to DC and back by way of longwood last winter. 400ish each way. Coming back, single SC stop. I was impressed.

I'm sure others have gone further. Have upcoming trips out to Buffalo and West Virginia planned.

CharleyBC | 18 mei 2019

We live in Sac, and have driven to Salt Lake City three times and Portland twice. Different directions, but same distance: about 1200 to 1300 miles round trip.

Might drive to Rhode Island this summer.

Wait till @Bighorn weighs in with his trip to Mexico City or somewhere!

JAD | 18 mei 2019

Lots of thousands plus trips to Mammoth, Zion, Grand canyon, Sequoia, with 250+ segments. Never been below 20 miles left.

Range anxiety equals little experience and poor planning. The car is very determined to make it impossible to run out of charge.

rob | 18 mei 2019

70 miles round trip

rob | 18 mei 2019

... and I have the LR

billlake2000 | 18 mei 2019

I wonder if OP is looking for longest leg before having to stop and charge.

BuffaloBillsFan | 18 mei 2019

I went ~200 miles without a re-charge, but with the way I drive, had less than 30 miles left before I got home . . .

kevin_rf | 18 mei 2019

You know, they should install s supercharger at the top of Pike's Peak, that way we could have a clear winner.

Gray Dragon | 18 mei 2019

530 miles to Las Vegas from the bay area in a day.

gmr6415 | 18 mei 2019

@kevin_rf, not a lot of charging opportunities in WV. We were there last August and we were taking day trips out of Lexington VA, so we were using the Supercharger in Lexington often. Lots of areas in WV with no LTE for hours at a time.

Zoom way out on your navigation map, and it'll preload a lot of data for those long spells without LTE. I got a few nice photos of my M3 sitting next to one of the steam engines at Cass Scenic Railroad.

The 180 or so miles from Lexington to Cass Railroad and back was 4 hours of the most fun I've had in a long time.

I felt like a kid at a go-kart race track all the way out and back. 55 mph speed limits on roads with no lines and 10 mph hair-pin turns for hours on end...a Tesla owner's dream.

kevin_rf | 18 mei 2019

gmr6415, I am aware. Not much in the way of SC's, but a bunch of state parks have Tesla destination chargers, plus I have friends that will loan me a 110v cable from time to time. Not everything I want, but enough to get what I need. Actually saw a Model 3 from NJ in Elkins at an event last fall. It can be done, just have to watch your SOC. Worse case, book a camp ground for the night.

thranx | 18 mei 2019

Was getting new tires on my model S (at Costco). Guy ahead of me was getting new tires for his model 3 after one year of ownership. That puzzled me...bad tires?

Nope. Traveling salesman. Had put 65,000 miles on the car and tires. They were the original Michelins and he'd had no problems driving repeatedly back and forth across the country. Quite a testament.