Bluetooth calls not possible with OnePlus

Bluetooth calls not possible with OnePlus

Car: model 3 performance
Phone: OnePlus6

Issue: since the last 2-3 software versions (Tesla) I haven't been able to use Bluetooth to make calls. Note: Bluetooth audio for music and other media works fine, this issue is strictly limited to Bluetooth calls.
Additional observation: when already holding a call and the car tries to connect Bluetooth it causes a reset of the screen/MCU

Jlomb436 | 20 mei 2019

I have a 6T and I haven't been able to receive or make phone calls for like 2 months I think? I thought it was Tesla's software but now maybe it's the phone. Basically, it's sounds like a static blue tooth call if that makes any sense. It doesn't work so I have to use speaker.

nagesh | 20 mei 2019

Hey guys, Try this.
set your phone to airplane mode. While in airplane mode, Reboot the phone. Once up, Turn on the airplane mode. See if that works. For me, this worked. I also tried resetting the network setting and perform this once and it worked. worst case full rest. But the first two options worked for me. Its a problem with one plus 6T Bluetooth. This problem is there since Onepleus 3T.

THE_KINGDOM | 20 mei 2019

I've tried this, didn't fix the issue and the whole OnePlus series work fine in model s and 3 until like I say the last 2-3 Tesla software versions

mstoer | 20 mei 2019

I have a Oneplus 3T and it works fine. No issues whatsoever so far receiving and making calls.

ALDONY | 20 mei 2019

6T here.. Had problems with static but after tesla software update they disappeared

kinged | 20 mei 2019

Do not buy Chinese phones no matter how cheap.

rickdogg82 | 20 mei 2019

3T, no problems.

jball | 20 mei 2019

No problem with OP5 on beta

Sandman89 | 20 mei 2019

OnePlus 6t on latest beta oxygen os. Bluetooth voice calls as well as all the other functions working flawlessly for me. Car is on 12.1.2. about to get a OnePlus 7 pro tomorrow.

Firaz.ashraf | 21 mei 2019

Had a OnePlus 2, no issues. Oneplus5 no issues.
@kinged - so what is your preferred phone? Every phone is subject to privacy violations by all beloved loving leaders. Even the isreali company that can hack in and provide Saudi gov ability to hunt and kill people...just saying....

mstoer | 21 mei 2019

Pretty much all phones are Chinese phones ... just look where they are made. If you think the label/name on the phone gives you some kind of exclusivity from this, good luck with that :)

THE_KINGDOM | 22 mei 2019

Bro this has absolutely nothing to do with the country of manufacture. Stop coming on here to bash OnePlus which is one of the highest end spec handsets on the market.
The issue didn't exist prior recent Tesla software versions so it's likely a Tesla software issue.
I'd conducted days worth of phones calls flawlessly with this same phone in the model 3 before the issue occured, it's a major issue and needs to be addressed.
Taking calls off Bluetooth by hand is not only illegal in many countries it's dangerous. Period.

jppataki | 24 mei 2019

I have the same issue with Oneplus 6 since version 2019.12. Calls don't work but music streaming is OK.
Very annoying since where I live is super-illegal to take calls (but smoking or eating is OK... Stupid politicians)

Peter | 26 mei 2019

Same issue w/ OnePlus 6. 2019.12 killed ability to make/receive phone calls over bluetooth. Stopped using the car for two weeks because I need to take calls and dial into meetings while driving. Service Center thought they fixed it with 2019.16 (second attempt since 2019.12 was installed 6 weeks ago), but issue persists.

AMAZEU | 26 mei 2019

is there any reason to buy such a phone instead of a more established brand?

Firaz.ashraf | 26 mei 2019

And whats the reason not to buy?

Sparky135 | 26 mei 2019

I have a one PLUS7 Pro and it works fine no issues at all .

nagesh | 26 mei 2019

Did anyone tried a full factory reset, It worked for me as well. I tried all three options on my three phones in the family
1) Reset network setting, Turn on the airplane mode and reboot the phone - worked
2) Full Factory reset and et up all - worked
3) Just put in the airplane mode and reboot - worked for me

bpaul | 26 mei 2019

OnePlus is an established brand that provides more features for less cost. Given the existence of these phones, is there any reason to buy more expensive, comparable Androids like the Galaxy S10?

rhdeservi36 | 26 mei 2019

I have a Motorola G5 Plus. My wife has the same phone. Even Tesla' s 2nd level tech support could not get my M3 to recognize either phones Contacts or Recent Calls list. In coming and outgoing calls work but on a manual Bluetooth basis. Can't tell who is calling in on the car screen and calling out you have to dial. Our 2 other cars, not being Teslas have had no problems. Sucks!

alex.rozin135 | 27 mei 2019

I had the same exact problem with the same exact phone model at about the same time.

After a failed service appointment with Tesla, I called the people at OnePlus who told me to "wipe the cache". When that failed, I tried a full factory reset, which did the trick (thank you Nagesh). Happy to be able to make bluetooth calls again.

With respect to people asking why someone would get a Chinese phone over the "more established" brands, there are plenty of reason ranging from the lower price to the general improvement in quality of the phones.

For example, the OnePlus is one of the few phones avaliable in Canada that has the dual sim card option, since the mroe established brands don't make dual-sim phones for the Canadian market. If i want two separate phone numbers and wish to avoid carrying two phones around, I have to use a OnePlus.

In any event, these forums should be about helping people solve problems instead of questoning their cell phone choices.

xiaodi9010 | 28 mei 2019

No issues with OP 6T, make sure you enable all Bluetooth option on you phone

Jlomb436 | 5 juni 2019

Did anyone figure this out by chance? I'm unable to may or receive calls via Bluetooth. I don't want to wipe my phone if I don't have to.

xavier b | 7 juni 2019

nope, only the factory reset did it for me for my oneplus 6, and I tried everything else. I just hope it will last, now that I went through it...

FISHEV | 7 juni 2019

"Do not buy Chinese phones no matter how cheap."

All the iPhones are Chinese, the Pixels, all the top phones. The MCU in the Tesla is made in China. Not sure you've been paying attention to current events in the 21st century.

margetts | 9 juni 2019

Moto x4 worked fine until the last software update. Model 3 will pair with the phone but can not make or receive calls. I have a service appointment next week but may cancel it, as it sounds like it would be fruitless. My wife has no problems with her iphone....dammit...

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 9 juni 2019

I just read this entire thread and am impressed that nobody considered unpairing and then repairing their phone to their car. Factory reset works because it necessitates that a repairing must occur. Next time just delete phone from car and vice versa and then repair.

xavier b | 11 juni 2019

of course I tried that, I even tried to reboot after unpairing, reset network settings on the phone, uninstalled the tesla app, etc before reluctantly accepting to factory reset my phone (oneplus 6).
Only factory reset did it for me. I just hope it will last and that I will not have to do it again.
if a simple unpair/pair did it for you, you're lucky!

THE_KINGDOM | 17 juni 2019

Neomaxozoomdweebie.. you really think we didn't try un-pairing our phones fully. Come on man. Really...

I guess the only next step for me is factory reset because absolutely nothing is able to fix this issue. I've literally tried everything except a full factory reset of my phone.