Extended warranty

Extended warranty

As time goes by I love my Model S and I drive it everywhere. It’s seems in 2 years I will run out if warranty. Is there any extended warranty policies you recommend or company ? Thanks

stevenmaifert | 24 mei 2019

Tesla offers an Extended Service Agreement:

wolfestesla | 24 mei 2019

How do you order the extended warranty? Can't find any links on the site

murphyS90D | 24 mei 2019

It's in your account under the Manage button.

Jcastillo18 | 25 mei 2019

What about pre owned Tesla’s ? | 25 mei 2019

In the past, Tesla only allowed purchase of the extended warranty to the original owner. Still worth asking Tesla if you're interested in it for a pre-owned Tesla.

jordanrichard | 25 mei 2019

Extended warranty is not worth the cost.

Keep this often unrealized fact about extended warranties. What you par for the warranty is you paying that much in advance for the repairs. Not until the cost of repairs exceeds what you spent on the warranty are you actually getting a ROI. Also specific to the Tesla warranty, unless they have changed it, there is a $200 per warranty visit, deductible.

p.c.mcavoy | 26 mei 2019

RE only allowing purchase to the original owner ... Look at the FAQ section of the document on Tesla's site (link in first response from stevenmaifert). The key is that the vehicle cannot have been purchased from a 3rd party dealer. If you are the second owner and have purchased directly from the original owner, then you should still be eligible provided that car is still under the original manufacturer warranty (or within the 1 month/1,000 mile window after original warranty expires).

bp | 28 mei 2019

An extended warranty is an insurance policy.

Assuming Tesla has accurately estimated the projected maintenance during the extended warranty period, then you'll have about a 50% chance that getting the warranty will save you money and a 50% chance that you won't do enough warranty work to cover your warranty purchase.

Search the forums and you'll see comments by a few owners who decided not to purchase the extended warranty and were complaining about the high cost of some of the replacement parts (such as the MCU/console display).

Purchasing the warranty limits how much you will spend on repairs during the warranty period (plus the deductible for incident). It also provides Tesla's Roadside Assistance (including towing to the nearest service center) during the warranty period.

We've purchased 3 Tesla vehicles - and the extra 50K mile/4 year warranty - and based on our experience with our 2012 S P85 (which we traded in with almost 100K miles), we're satisfied it was the right decision.

One advantage of being under warranty - if you have a problem that can't be completely diagnosed (we had the frunk latch fail), under warranty, Tesla will likely replace all parts that might have contributed to the problem, while if you were paying for service a-la-carte, you may end up with multiple service visits before they find the specific part that caused the failure...

DonS | 28 mei 2019

My take is that Tesla was (is?) too new to have long term reliability experience. While I still really like the car, it is clear that some components fall a bit short in build quality. I bought the extended warranty for my 2013 because I was concerned that it might be a lot of components.

wolfestesla | 31 mei 2019

Still can't figure out how to purchase the warranty. I followed the link from "stevenmaifort" and i went to my account but there is NOTHING that allows me to actually purchase the warranty anywhere on the site. It's just information about the warranty, no ability to actually purchase. I've reached out to Tesla and to no surprise, no one has responded yet

p.c.mcavoy | 1 juni 2019

@wolfestesla - A few questions.

Is your car still under the original manufacturers warranty? If no, it’s already expired, then you are not eligible to purchase it, hence why you do not see the link.

Is your car a CPO? If so, then the CPO warranty you received already provides the equivalent of the extended warranty as it goes beyond the original 4 yr 50k mile warranty and another reason you may be be eligible.

Did you purchase your car from a 3rd party dealer, or has it ever been traded through a 3rd party dealer? If so, then it’s not eligible.

If none of those apply, then I’d suggest contacting your service center and talk to them about how to purchase it.

tod | 16 december 2019

Bought 2013 S through Tesla in May 2017. Coming up on end of warranty extension that Tesla provides for EVCPO cars. Wondering about X-Care EV warranty through Xcelerate Auto. Anyone have experience with this company?

rxlawdude | 16 december 2019

@tod, we've heard of the company, but I'm not aware anyone on the fora have used them, and what their experience was like.

You feeling like being our guinea pig?

jordanrichard | 16 december 2019

Do keep in mind that Tesla may not accept this warranty. Quite often these third party warranty outfits only allow up to a certain dollar amount for labor, leaving you on the hook for the balance.

Another thing to keep in mind, whatever the cost is for a warranty from X-Care, that is you paying that much in advance for repairs.

tod | 16 december 2019

Understand that an extended warranty is prepaid service that may -- or may not -- be needed. Like too many others, within 2,500 miles of my warranty expiration my car has gone from never needing anything to needing what feels like everything, The MCU has been replaced twice in 120 days, and a door handle has been replaced. Replacing the MCU once would cost me what X-Care costs for two years/30k miles. My other option is to trade the car in for a newer or new car, which would also cost more.

jordanrichard | 18 december 2019

This "meramannkehnelaga303" literally copied what I posted back in May except for the BS link..

pmcginnis2112 | 18 december 2019

I just checked my account and don't see a link to purchase extended warranty. I have a 2019 performance Model S. With my prior (2015) Model S, there was a link for purchasing the extended warranty. Odd that the option has seemingly vanished. Can anyone confirm they still see the link under their Tesla account, and if so, can you list the year of purchase?

rxlawdude | 18 december 2019

I wonder if they are consolidating their policy currently for the M3 to the entire line. (No "extended warranty" offered.)

pa30pete | 18 december 2019

In my account -Manage page clicking on See All under Cars then Warranty then down to Extended Service Agreement -says that Extended Service Agreements need to be purchased at a Service Center. Could not find link to purchase it from account. Is Extended Service Agreement the same as Extended Warranty? 2017p100d

pmcginnis2112 | 18 december 2019

pa30pete - I don't have those links. What you're describing sounds similar to the account page for my prior 2015 Model S. Only link I can access for my current car for "warranty" takes me to a PDF download of my current car's warranty. No option to purchase extended warranty.

pa30pete | 18 december 2019

pmcginnis On the Manage page in my account, if I click View Details and then click Warranty I am taken to that same PDF warranty booklet (for download). If you are clicking on View Details-don't......scroll down on the manage page further until you see Learn More on the left and See All on the right. Click See All then under Service and Repair click on Warranty then scroll down and click on Extended Service Agreement then down to FAQs and in the FAQs it says that the Extended Service Agreement can be purchased at a Service Center. I don't see any links any where in my account to purchase the extended service agreement either so maybe it has to be purchased through a service center now......don't know? Please post where link is if you find it. Good luck!

p.c.mcavoy | 20 december 2019

pa30pete - “Is Extended Service Agreement the same as Extended Warranty?”

Yes - Extended service agreement is what you are calling an extended warranty.

Purchase through the Service Center does appear to be the only way that you may now purchase it. On-line purchase option disappeared some time ago.

nukequazar | 20 december 2019

An extended warranty is not pre-paid repairs, it’s an insurance policy. Plain and simple. It has a premium, co-pays, a term, and scope of what is covered. Like all insurance, it’s a bad deal... until it’s not. It has an expected value of less than what you pay for it. It’s the actuary’s job to make certain of that. However it protects the buyer from unexpected large repair bills so we pay that premium for peace of mind.

jordanrichard | 20 december 2019

Nuke, with semantics aside, it comes down to dollars. If you pay $4,000 on Jan 1 for an extend warranty or as you call it an insurance policy, and on March 1st your car needs a $1,500 repair. You are paying for that in that you already gave Tesla or a third party outfit more than that. One only comes out ahead (ROI) once the total repair bills exceed what you have already paid out.

Sure it’s “insurance” in that one doesn’t get blind sided by a sudden $1,500 repair, but it’s not “protecting” you from the cost of the repair because you already paid it in advance. A $4K “insurance policy” protects you from costs after the $4K point. Let me put it another way, it’s only coming out of Tesla’s pocket to pay for the repairs after the repairs exceed what you paid for the extended warranty.

vlad22 | 21 december 2019

I purchased teslas extended warranty last January for my late 2014p85d with about 55000 miles on the odometer. For me it has already paid for itself. In the last 11 months tesla has replaced 3 control arms, front sway bar links and bushings, both front axles, one door handle, and a main high voltage wiring harness. At least here in canada tesla charges the 275 dollar deductible per visit and not per every single concern.

Bighorn | 21 december 2019

Same here on the $200 deductible.

vpoz | 22 december 2019

I got the extended warranty here in the U.K. and it says absolutely nothing about a deductible anywhere in all of its literature.
The ROI for me is pace of mind for 4 years.

NKYTA | 22 december 2019

I probably came out $500-$1000 ahead. But mine was VIN 18xx, so it seemed prudent when I realized how much I was driving!

pa30pete | 22 december 2019

p.c.mcavoy Thanks for the clarifications.

Qwiksilver | 25 december 2019

Ditto here as well