Having 2 phones connected via Bluetooth

Having 2 phones connected via Bluetooth

Hi! How come model 3 won't connect to 2 phones at the same time the it does on my 2012 Bmw: 1 phone as phone/media and 2nd just phone. This is very annoying as when my wife and I get into the car, we have to guess/check whose phone is connected. Why can't both connect at once?

gmr6415 | 27 mei 2019

Unfortunately as far as I know it just isn't an option yet. My wife and I had both our phones connected and it was a complete mess. We ended up deleting her phone.

You can request that Tesla add secondary user to your account with their own login, but I don't know if that helps.

To add another user to your Tesla mobile app, you can create a Tesla Account in their name and email Tesla Support with the following information:

Full VIN of your car
First and last name of the new user
Tesla-registered email address of the new user
Phone number of the new user
Mailing address of the new user
The user will receive an email to validate access in 3-5 business days. Please note access only applies to the Tesla mobile app, including vehicle control and monitoring capabilities.

Model 3 LR DM | 28 mei 2019

I'm not talking about the mobile app. I want to make phone calls from either phone via bluetooth, and control media via either phone. Nothing to do with controlling the car via mobile app. Thanks!

EVRider | 28 mei 2019

You can’t connect two phones at the same time, and only Tesla could tell you why they did it that way.

When you and your wife had both your phones connected in your BMW, what happens when you receive a call while the other phone is already on a call?

dsvick | 28 mei 2019

Not meant to be an excuse but most cars only let you connect one phone at a time. You may pair a dozen or so but usually only one can be used. Yes, there are exceptions (like your old BMW) but the majority function as Tesla does.

rdavis | 28 mei 2019

I believe you can control audio with a second phone, correct? I've never used that feature in the Tesla, but they added remote phone audio control a few versions back. Would this work for you. ?

jon | 16 juli 2019

I would like to have one phone connected as a phone (for the driver). I would then like to connect a second phone for media (podcast). This has not been a problem on my prior two cars.

EVRider | 16 juli 2019

@jon: Have you tried to do that?

posinator | 16 juli 2019

@jon i just did that on a recent road trip from lake tahoe - added my son's google pixel to my model3 so we could bt his audiobook. the pairing went about as well as bt pairings go... eventually the pixel bt menu 'more settings' button allowed the car to connect. both my phone and his were connected and selectable as far as audio sources go