Tesla virgin loves Tesla!!

Tesla virgin loves Tesla!!

I am from the bay area CA and I love Tesla, I love the mission/vision and the Model S is great. I saw the car i liked and can afford on the used vehicle website, will be my very first Tesla. I requested the photos, i was sent a link that doesn't work. I contacted the sales person, he couldn't pull the photos on his side and told me to just order the vehicle stating they go quick. So i placed my order May 25, 2019. After a few days, sales person emailed me saying the car is located in Atlanta and i need to pay extra $2k for shipping to the bay area. When i selected the car from the website it showed SF bay area. Used vehicle website is messed up. Ive been asking for the photos and asking if the shipping fee can be waived since the website showed wrong information, but up to now sales can’t send me the photos and my order still pending. What is the best solution to this?

Thanks for any help and guidance!

David N | 5 juni 2019

@ What is the best solution to this?
Well, they can’t provide pictures, they are asking for more money for delivery, and sounds like they asking you to just buy it without seeing it (pictures).
Simply say “No thank you” and move on.
Plenty of other cars for sale.

andy.connor.e | 5 juni 2019

Solution is this sounds like a very shady used car purchase. And if i were you, i would not buy a used Model S, when you can get a New Model 3 for the same price.

jimglas | 5 juni 2019

find a different car

Tesla-David | 5 juni 2019

Move on and consider Model3, which is an absolutely incredible car

supersuperten | 5 juni 2019

Thanks guys for the input. I just submitted a request to cancel my order. Too bad i missed the Model 3 5k miles free supercharging referral promo because of this used Model S pending order. What a horrible experience with the used vehicle sales. I hope this is not going to be the same experience with the New car sales team.

eazy70d | 5 juni 2019

good luck! I'm having similar experience with the PO department. I made a deposit on what i thought was a local car to avoid the transport fee. Couple days later, i get an email asking how i want to handle the payment for transport. It made absolutely no sense. Then I had to wait days for an update on the where about of the car. About 2 weeks and some nasty grams later I finally hear from the delivery team and get the car. To this day I have not even heard from my sales adviser.

That is not even the least of my problems now. I got the car delivered full of wax. So much wax that the car felt like melted butter on the outside of coffee cup. This made me really suspicious, as I looked around the car, i noticed that there were really bad scratches on some parts of the car including the front nose and the passenger mirror. The person that delivered my car was in contact with the PO mgr and agreed to get those pieces fixed. I also got a D version and noticed that my front tires were the original from 2016 and almost completely worn. No interest in doing the right thing and replacing before delivering.

Starting next day following delivery, it rains on and off for 2-3 days straight. Guess what happens? All the wax gets washed out from the rain, and all the scratches and dirt becomes visible on the car.

I inform my sales adviser with multiple emails and pictures to no avail and any communication back is delayed and completely lacking in any kind of acknowledgement. They are basically saying that all the scuffs are "wear and tear". I'm no expert but most of the problems happened from trying to cover up the real wear and tear. there are sanding marks on the bumper, fog lights, headlights, over spray in different places, scratches on the driver window, and dents and scrapes that were completely missed.

How does a company with such a brand even have the nerve to sell a car that's not properly refreshed? They didn't even have the decency to wipe the inside down. There was dust all over the steering wheel column and around the interior. They didn't even wash the car right because after it rained there was dirt dripping behind all the emblems and cracks. It seems like they don't even care to pay any attention to the cars that are going for resale. And their communications really leave much to be desired.

Here's some pics of the "Wear and tear" if you're curious.

jimglas | 5 juni 2019

I thought this was another teslaporn thread ........