Badging on new Model X??

Badging on new Model X??

I was at the Marina Del Rey delivery center yesterday and saw a new Model X.

It had no "Model X" on the back and only a "Dual Motor" badge on the right side of the hatch (where the 100D used to be).

Is this the official new badging? Kind of like Model 3

jamesxq | 7 juni 2019

I think that's the new way for both S and X. 75D, 100D, P100D are now "Dual Motor" and P100DL is "Dual Motor" with underline. No Model S nor X on the left. It's pretty lame IMO.

jjgunn | 7 juni 2019

That's the new Raven look -- same as the 3

beaver | 7 juni 2019

I agree it’s lame, cost savings move?

jimglas | 9 juni 2019

Saw the same
Looks like badging will be the same as on the model 3

lilbean | 9 juni 2019

I like the clean look. Mine is debadged.

cornellio | 9 juni 2019

Still too busy compared to Model 3. Wish it would go a step further and flatten the back, remove the license plate indentation. Less is more.

SteveMost | 10 juni 2019

Next year you will be able to buy a “Model 3 Model S”, not badged - but three times the price for the same car...
...but it says it’s an MS on your online receipt. Lame...

Jesse K | 10 juni 2019

If all cars are Dual Motor what is the purpose of identifying them with the badge? Seems weird. Like saying "4 Tires". Totally boring...

jimglas | 10 juni 2019

@jesse: You have to pay extra for the red line

Jesse K | 10 juni 2019

@jimglas: I am picking up a Raven Model X with LM on Thursday. I would rather them not state the obvious that it has motors and just give me the red line. That would be

jimglas | 10 juni 2019

red line only would be cool

SteveMost | 10 juni 2019

“MX RedLine”

kqnjml | 30 juni 2019

The purpose of any badge to label the model of each car for identification. Dual motor on all model 3/S/X is the same as labeling them “Electric”. Mine is coming off tomorrow while waiting for someone to come up with a better solution than Tesla.

jimglas | 1 juli 2019

Model 3 is available with rear engine only
And that model has the best range