Goodyear Unwritten Warranty

Goodyear Unwritten Warranty

If you don’t get 45k miles from your 19” Goodyear Eagle Touring SCTs, call the warranty department. Goodyear stands behind their tires. Here’s the number: 1-800-321-2136. Option 5.

I know there are plenty of which tires are best threads and I could have posted in any one of them. I felt this deserved it’s own thread title so it didn’t get lost in the mix.

I have a Dec 2017 Model S with over 25k miles. It came with the 19” Goodyear tires. They were close to the wear indicators, so I started doing my research. Found the threads recommending the Michelin Pilot Sport A/S3+. Saw the good reviews and videos on tire rack and ordered them direct with free installation during the Memorial Day sale. Turns out, the closest installer from Michelin’s website wasn’t equipped for Tesla’s - don’t know why. Had to cancel the order.

That got me reconsidering the OEM Goodyear tires. I was actually very happy with their performance, especially when new and during the first winter. With significant tread wear, the second winter wasn’t quite as good. However, dry performance was still pretty good with close to 2/32 remaining and I was being pretty cautious in the rain, but never felt unsafe. No hydroplaning.

Decided to order those direct and while chatting with the rep online to get the price match, I asked if the tires had a tread life warranty. He said no, but they should last 40k. I told him I only got 25k. He said to call the warranty department and gave me the above number.

Called the warranty department and she was super friendly and said I should expect 45k from the tires and that they were specifically designed for Tesla. She started the warranty process. Had me call the local Goodyear installer and schedule a warranty review.

I had already measured the inner and outer treads and knew the wear was very even on all 4 tires, so I was expecting the review to go well. They called me and said Goodyear was covering $100 on each tire - it was actually almost $106 per.

Total was $723 and change including installation. The new tires are great. Don’t have that slight slip I was getting from the worn ones when mashing the accelerator. Quiet, comfortable, and responsive. Also glad to know I will likely get a warranty discount if I don’t get 45k miles out of them.