Horrific, Failed Service at Scottsdale Service Center, email to Chris Swann

Horrific, Failed Service at Scottsdale Service Center, email to Chris Swann

Following multiple deceptions, failures and outright lies yesterday I am taking this matter to other remedies. My service advisor for nearly five years abused my trust through deception so thoroughly that my relationship with Tesla is now broken. Following is the email I sent to Chris and to customer support. For reference, the subject line was "The Summer of our Discontent", which is referenced at the end of the message. I hope no other owner has to have his or her trust abused as mine was yesterday.


Your total silence to my email yesterday speaks volumes and has been noted. Over nearly five years you and I built a professional relationship based on ability, honesty and trust. Tuesday. 11 June, 2019, you threw that all under the bus and then backed up over it. I have no doubt that you are not acting on your own initiative but are bending to the dictates of those above. Yet you are responsible. Tuesday you used my trust as a weapon. You abused that trust to manipulate me. You played me well and it took over a day to deconstruct and process your devious deceptions. Yet that is what happened. You owe me an apology for what you did, one I know I will never get.

You had every opportunity to tell me up front that the prepaid maintenance plan had been reduced to meaningless crap. You had every opportunity to tell me you did not have the airbag parts, but I had to drag that out of you. You had ten days to contact me to tell me these things but you had a last opportunity face to face and you failed on each and every opportunity. This is clearly not by fault or omission but by intention. It is subterfuge. It is deception. It is dishonesty. It is abuse. By trying to deliver what those above you wanted, whatever that may be, you became personally responsible and you destroyed my trust with you and with Tesla. I am beyond anger at this point but rest assured you will never have an opportunity to pull this on me again. I could never trust you on any level. I can’t promise this is the end of this or that you will be unscathed, but we are all responsible for our own actions.

I’ve been in industry my whole life. I have seen a lot happen. I see the pattern you cannot see but it is already in place. What you need to remember is that those whom you serve corruptly today will have no problem disposing of you when you no longer suit their purposes. Yes, this is bigger than either of us but you will be the one to feel it, not me. When, not if, that happens you will remember this. Right now your sense of hubris is kicking-in and you are dismissing all of this, but you will reflect back in time.

My subject line is a spin on Shakespeare’s Richard III. You might want to read the play. It is about a man out of his element who felt he was in control of his own fate and rose through evil and deception. The rest, truly is history.

You chose the wrong person yesterday. You truly did.


lilbean | 12 juni 2019

Shakespeare. How fitting for this drama.

SamO | 13 juni 2019

OMFG. This is why we can’t have nice things c

Tesla-David | 13 juni 2019

WTF. I am unclear about what exactly caused the ruckus OP is ranting about. He did not clearly articulate what it was. It appears to be something about replacing an airbag. For the record, I had airbag replaced by ranger in my MS last month. No issues, no problems, took less than one hour in my garage.

TabascoGuy | 13 juni 2019

Zero posts from OP since 2014 then this. Very suspicious.

jlhm | 13 juni 2019

Airbag and prepaid maintenance plan seems to be the issues.
Airbag can be replaced by mobile service tech and unused part of the prepaid maintenance plan can get refunded if asked for it.

lilbean | 13 juni 2019

This sounds psycho.