Noticed in Tesla Stats App that my Estimated Range was 338 while my Rated Range was 310, 10% better. As app developer explained it, the Estimated Range is the range I should get based upon my driving history while the Rated Range is what I would get if driving "Normally" based on Model 3 driver averages.

Being a former Prius driver with good hypermiling skills and being dependent on Per Charge chargers, increasing miles and reducing costs is a good thing.

What is the highest Estimated Range people are seeing with the various stat enhancement programs? How accurate have people found the stats apps to be in estimating range?

It would be good for Tesla to provide some on screen aid to hypermiling in addition to the "Greenline". An instantaneous miles/kWh read out would be good so one could adjust speed for max efficiency. Trip average and lifetime average would also be useful.

Joshan | 14 juni 2019

those features are already in the car. You just have to know how to set them up :)

TabascoGuy | 14 juni 2019

Also, very few people will drive their Tesla's at a steady 24-28 mph.

Joshan | 14 juni 2019

While top speed is a huge part of it, so is how hard you accelerate. When I use AP I am normally under 200 as it accelerates so slowly.

derotam | 14 juni 2019

There is already Trip and lifetime averages(Wh/mile). Look at your "cards" section on the lower left of your in car display. I do agree that an instantaneous Wh/mile would be a nice to have.

FISHEV | 14 juni 2019

"Look at your "cards" section on the lower left of your in car display. I do agree that an instantaneous Wh/mile would be a nice to have."

Thanks for the location info on the miles/kWh.

"While top speed is a huge part of it, so is how hard you accelerate."

All the same factors apply for energy efficiency in cars. Nice thing about instantaneous kWh reading is you can adjust in real time. Does dropping speed 8% lead to 12% increase in efficiency, that kind of thing.

See that 606 miles, 8 miles per kWh is the record but that's driving 25 mph for 606 miles. Already happy with my 10% better, see if I can it to 400 miles driving fairly normally.

hokiegir1 | 14 juni 2019

Pretty sure instant wh/m is on the energy graph that you can pull up.

derotam | 14 juni 2019

@hokiegirl...yeah but that instantaneous is instantaneous...every 1/10th of a mile. Having it update say every 5 seconds or less could be nice...for a certain segment of people.

derotam | 14 juni 2019

...actually I think it is more like every 1/10th of a mile or some time period that is WAY too long.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 14 juni 2019


Neomaxizoomdweebie | 14 juni 2019

Can you comment on the private thread? Flagged?

FISHEV | 14 juni 2019

"Hypermile all you want, next day you would find out 10 miles is gone in the thin air - thanks to parasitic drain apparently present on Tesla only."

I've managed to get my parasitic drain under control. Turning off Sentry Mode was the biggest factor as that eats up 1-2 miles an hour. I turned off auto temp inside the cabin. Turned off pre-heat or some such for the battery. If you are using one of stats enhancement programs, make sure you give it instructions on polling the car otherwise they can keep the car "on" by frequent polling.

I'm guessing the Estimated Range takes into account my parasitic drain.

Hypermiling would be even more beneficial if Tesla did have parasitic drain issue to help compensate for it. Most people charge at home so likely don't see the parasitic drain that those who have to leave car unplugged at night will see.

FISHEV | 14 juni 2019

"...since it deducts from estimated range after some period of time, so yes remaining range is pretty accurate if you keep driving."

Even if I don't keep driving. I'm going to charge to 100% tomorrow for first time. Some of the stats aps say they need that full charge to make calcs more accurate.

apodbdrs | 15 juni 2019

@FISHEV, 1-2 miles parasitic drain an hour?????? No way!!! Maybe over 12 hours.

apodbdrs | 15 juni 2019

A couple of months old on Phantom drain:

FISHEV | 15 juni 2019

“1-2 miles parasitic drain an hour?”

That’s standard for Sentry Mode. A couple threads about SA’s high energy usage. I was leaving it on at night and was losing 20 miles over night. So folks using Sentry Mode are going to see less “driving efficiency” though it is not driving specific just energy specific.

Battery Icon says 289 miles.

Projected range by Tesla says 300 miles and 104% Driving Efficiency based on last 30 miles, 378 miles based on last 15 miles, 405 miles for last 5 miles driven.

Tronguy | 15 juni 2019

Hm. Hypermiling. Being a Prius owner (still) and having hung around on the forums where this was talked about, the trick to getting Really Ridiculous Range was (a) accelerating at a medium rate from, say, 50 mph to 70 mph, then (b) coming off the gas so one was basically coasting, but not quite, but the car was gently slowing down. On a Prius, there's this energy indicator that can be viewed that can tell one if one is in this "sweet spot" or not. So, with a nominal 50 mpg on a Prius, one might get 75 mpg or something.
One doesn't win favors doing this on populated interstate, of course, but people have their hobbies.
On the Tesla.. That's not a hybrid and it definitely doesn't have an ICE in there somewhere. So, the interesting question is: Can a Tesla be hypermiled at all, besides the obvious of just running at some slow speed where the air resistance is minimal?

FISHEV | 15 juni 2019

End of the day it’s energy for miles, efficiency. Plus it is a fun hobby, kind of feel like a belter in The Expanse, hoarding my reaction mass. Driving a lot (24k avg) and dependent on the kindness of SC’s, increasing my range is a big part of my making an EV work strategy.

You don’t have to drive crazy to hypermile. Easy starts, anticipatory driving, speed limit plus 5.

Filled 100% charge today and started watching the graph.
Filled to 307 miles (not 310 or 325)
Day of driving, 32 miles.
Battery icon range 274
Estimated range 359
Driving Efficiency 131%

Now to see if that works out to 359 miles of actual range.

SalisburySam | 16 juni 2019

Coming from driving a 2012 Nissan LEAF for 7 years, my hypermiling skills are fairly well-developed. Couldn’t wait to get my LR RWD to avoid having to do all those things to eke out an extra 10 miles or so per charge and just drive as you would any other car. Have no desire to hypermile at all with the Tesla, and feel no need to do so. Love it. And looking forward to even longer range so that winter heat and conditions can still deliver a solid 300+ miles.

FISHEV | 16 juni 2019

"Have no desire to hypermile at all with the Tesla, and feel no need to do so." years imprisoned by a Leaf...being able to blast in the Tesla is definitely one of the perq's of EV'ing. But after the thrill ride phase in over, the thrifty adult kicks in and and starts thinking efficiency, fewer charging stops, lower SC charges, less wear on battery.

Because we live with 60% of the battery capacity, that 310 rated becomes a working 186 miles. Boosting those workable miles between to 250 cuts my costs, charge time and battery wear by 25%. So far I'm running about 125% driving efficiency driving conservatively, not what I would call true hypermiling.

FISHEV | 19 juni 2019

So first full charge test.
307 rated range at full charge, 100%
87 rated range at 28% charge

Tesla says:
Driving efficiency 132%
MPG3 179
Estimated range 411 miles.

If accurate stats from Tesla, able to increase range by 32% with good driving.

FISHEV | 19 juni 2019

That's MPGe of 179 miles

Tesla rated MPGe is 115.

jimglas | 19 juni 2019

Maximum range appears to be at around 40 mph

JAD | 19 juni 2019

The projected range doesn't mean much. I have seen 999+ miles range many times coming down a big hill. I have also seen less, but maybe I am not the best hypermiler...

FISHEV | 19 juni 2019

"I have seen 999+ miles range many times coming down a big hill."

You are looking at Instantaneous numbers, all cars MPG systems show 999 when moving and foot off the accelerator. Nothing unique to Telsa there. Look at the average numbers.

This is about average miles mpge, energy efficiency over time. No different really than beating the MPG numbers of a gas car, beating the EPA/Tesla EPGe numbers on an EV. All driving technique.

JAD | 19 juni 2019

The only way to get an estimated range other than the EPA range is using the consumption app and setting it to 5, 15 or 30 miles. That is where I have seen 999+.

But as you said, just like an ice, it is just an estimate based on the last few Miles and really isn't very meaningful as you can easily get about whatever number you want to show. It just isn't viable as a long term average.

kcheng | 19 juni 2019

While I'm sure Elon would applaud if you got 500 miles of actual range, I don't think he wants to promote people driving really slow.

Interestingly, on Monday, I had to go to a hospital appt from home and when I got back, I looked at my Stats app, and it showed 408miles for Estimated Range, and 190Wh/mile, for 23miles driven. My route to the hospital and back is along backcountry roads, so my average speed is about 45mph, no hypermiling required.

FISHEV | 19 juni 2019

"My route to the hospital and back is along backcountry roads, so my average speed is about 45mph, no hypermiling required."

That was hypermiling. Boosted base efficiency by 25%. Well done.

The really good part is it looks like if you drive conservatively, the M3 range is in the 400 range which makes living between the 20's a 240 mile working range. For my commutes and exclusive SC usage, that cuts my energy costs by 25% and effective $0.21 per kWh vs. $0.28. Two charges a week vs. three.