Thumb drive not recording in Sentry mode?

Thumb drive not recording in Sentry mode?

I took delivery of a Model 3 about a month ago and have been using Sentry mode religiously with a brand-new, formatted thumb drive popped into the port. Yesterday some jerk scuffed my front bumper so I took out the thumb drive to review the tape, and...nothing. The thumb drive comes up blank when I plug it in to my MacBook Pro's external USB port. Did I do something wrong or is this an issue with the car? Am I supposed to the car?

rachang5021 | 17 juni 2019

Did you do all the required setup steps to have your thumb drive recognized by the car?

1) It needs to be FAT32 format
2) there needs to be a "TeslaCam" folder in the thumb drive

After all that, there should be a camera icon with a red dot at the top right corner of your screen when you plug in your thumbdrive to the car. It usually takes about 5 seconds to pop up. Also, only the front two USB ports can be used for the thumb drive.

artfuse | 17 juni 2019

Well, heck. Nope. Didn't do that. Thank you for the detailed info! Where would I have found this setup info previously?

Techy James | 17 juni 2019

It's actually also in the online manual available for your car. Link:
Page 65.
Now hopefully when this feature is out of Beta there will be an option to setup any USB Thumb Drive for dash cam but currently you have to manually set it up the device for the feature to work.

rachang5021 | 17 juni 2019

It's on their support page!

Sentry mode video recording is actually a branch off of their previous software update where you can start recording video the car captures through the built in front facing camera while driving.

Also, I'd recommend getting an external harddrive if you're going to use Sentry Mode a lot. Thumbdrives aren't built for the constant writing and rewriting that the Dashcam or Sentry does. Though, if you do get one, you'll probably need some 3rd party software to help format it to FAT32. Windows can only format drives up to 32gb to FAT32