map of superchargers for model 3 (europe - CCS) ?

map of superchargers for model 3 (europe - CCS) ?

I am going to travel with my model 3 and just saw that some supercharger stations at my destination don't seem to have CCS stalls for model 3. Specifically, this would be in Senj (Croatia). Nowhere to find the information about this, it just seems that one cannot charge a model 3 there, which would be really annoying.
Do all the superchargers have at least one CCS stall or is there a way to know which ones don't ? A specific map somewhere ?
Another piece of information, if I type my destination on my car's computer, it says that I should stop there but there is no indication if the places are occupied or not. I don't want to be stuck there without the possibility to charge.

dsvick | 20 juni 2019

If it's Tesla Supercharger then it will definitely charge your car, if your calling some other EV charging station a supercharger then it may or may not have the capability to charge your Tesla. I know, in the US, the SC map and the phone app, tells us how many stalls are occupied at a particular location. Again though, if you're not using a Tesla location I don't know if they show occupancy or not.

dadou001 | 20 juni 2019

Thanks, that is what is written on the Tesla web site. It's just that the on-board map, when you click on some supercharger locations (yes, the Tesla ones), doesn't tell you every time how many places you have for CCS charging (for Model 3). It works on the places in France, but apparently not for some other locations in Europe.
On the other hand, I found a web site ( ) that indicates the type, and it seems the locations I looked at are fine... I'll see when I come there ! :-)

MacMaol | 20 juni 2019


Here is a link to a map showing how many CCS are installed on each SuperChargers sites, in Europe :

Don't ask me who is maintaining it, as it's not even in the map description !

Best regards.