Auto Lane Change Unavailable ?

Auto Lane Change Unavailable ?

Is anyone else seeing the Auto Lane Change Unavailable error message when attempting to change lanes to the left using standard autopilot(not NOA) on 20.2.1? For me it seems it will only work successfully if I am on a divided highway, there is a raised median, all traffic is flowing in the same direction such as a one way bridge. All other attempts to change to left has the blinker flashing for a bit and then the error message. Auto lane change to the right is working normally as it always has since the feature was released.

I have verified via Tesla diagnostics that this is not a hardware or lane marking issue as well as submitted a bunch of specific and detailed information that they have reviewed. I am just wondering if this is effecting everyone on 20.2.1 or if it’s more of a unique case. I am surprised to have not seen anything about it on the forum yet. I use AP all the time so not being able to change lanes to the left without disconnecting was immediately apparent and a bit of a bummer. Although, I’m sure it will be addressed quickly in a bug fix update.

For all the regular “autopilot is only to be used on divided highways” posters who are chomping at the bit to lay down their usual lectures can save their figurative breath. I respectfully disagree and am looking for some input from the rest of us.

EVRider | 21 juni 2019

Try rebooting, and if the problem persists, have your car serviced. Could be an issue with one of the left-facing cameras. I’ve never seen that message.

843TM3 | 21 juni 2019

I’ve rebooted, I’ve powered down for 3 min. Like I said I’ve been working with Tesla diagnostics and proving them with a bunch of information including time stamps, location pins, and photos. They are able to log in to the computer, see the error messages and verify that the cameras are working and calibrated. Also, it works changing to the left both iOS games NOA or even on standard autopilot as long as there is some sort of raised median or divider. They think it is related to 20.2 and have escalated it to engineering. I was checking to see if others were effected as well.

843TM3 | 21 juni 2019

*both using NOA and standard autopilot.


JAD | 21 juni 2019

Is it showing the lane is available or is it not even seeing the lane on the left side?

techJargon | 21 juni 2019

same thing for me. I have NOA, and on a two lane city road can activate full right turn signal to auto change lanes to the right lane. Once I'm there, the car doesn't recognize that there is a left lane in the visualization, and using the left signal just keeps it blinking and makes me look like an idiot.

Daryl | 21 juni 2019

You've already said that the cameras have been verified by Tesla, so this isn't relevant to you but might be to others reading this:
I had this problem, where it would not change lanes one way but would change the other. It also kept indicating that there was an obstacle on that side.

I stopped and wiped off the cameras on that side of the car, and it started working.

boris | 21 juni 2019

Yes, same issue. It works on a large highway but on two lane roads it doesn't detect left lane. started with version 20. 16 was perfect.

jirsh | 21 juni 2019

having the same issue on 20.2.1 when not on navigate. if just on auto pilot it refuses to change lanes most of the time. when on noa it seems fine.

Whdame | 22 juni 2019

I am on a special version of 2019.20.2.5 and now it is happening to me. It is only on the left side like you said. Everything seems to work on the right side in autopilot but the automatic Lane change on the left does not.

ATX_TM3 | 22 juni 2019

Add me to the can’t auto lane change to the left list for 20.2.1. Tesla had done some work on the driver’s side of my car last week, I feared it was related, but glad it’s just a buggy software update . NoA works fine on the highway.

19097shop | 3 juli 2019

Same for me.