Yellow band on screen

Yellow band on screen

I just got the “yellow band” on my 2016 X P90DL screen around the edges... I’m not sure if it’s software or hardware related (just updated to 20.2.1). I called the SC and they said that they’ve stopped replacing the screens since it’s not clear if it’s SW or HW. I’ve had the car for 3+ years and this is the first time I see the band.

Any insights? Thanks!

jjgunn | 29 juni 2019

You know the drill....reboot

Also try putting the car on "Advanced" under the software option to get the latest software. 2019.20.4.2

Uncle Paul | 29 juni 2019

Tesla used to replace those screens as good will for their customers. Word got out that they were doing it for free, and thousands of people took their cars in for replacements. Maybe spent several millions being generous to their customers.

Tesla found out that replacing the screens often did no good, as they quickly turned yellow again. Thousands of dollars wasted.

Now they want to only replace the screens that people are willing to pay for until they can determine a more permenant solution.

These screens are difficult to replace and other damage can be done to the dash while being replaced. Understand the logic of Tesla not wanting to continue those expensive replacements as it does not effect the driving or functionality of the car or display. | 29 juni 2019
Passion2Fly | 29 juni 2019

Thanks! I just saw a twitter message on Friday from a person who reported the first successful yellow band fix with a new UV light tool. The band is completely gone! Only question is: is it permanent or temporary??...

Passion2Fly | 29 juni 2019

What sucks is that my original screen was fine after years of use... it was replaced four months ago due to a GPS failure (MCU and touchscreen are built as a single unit)... the new screen has the yellow band four months later...

d.cherin | 29 juni 2019

I had mine replaced Nov 2018 20k mi. No charge. Rattle in dash after replacement, resolved. Has not returned @ 27k. MX 90D Dec 2016.

tom.wyrick | 30 juni 2019

I *just* traded in my 2014 Model S P85D on a 2017 Model X 75D yesterday. (I loved my Model S, but last time I did a road trip, I realized I really needed more space for things.... I owned a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited before getting the Tesla, and I guess I was used to having the extra vertical storage space it offered. Plus, I figured my car was out of warranty and this got me back into a vehicle that had one.)

But -- I pulled in to a supercharger station to charge it up so I could make it home (used car dealership sold it to me with about 30 miles of range left on it!) ... and as I was sitting there, the screen suddenly developed the yellow band around it, before my eyes!

My Model S never had this issue, but I kept reading about it and expecting it might happen. Last I heard? I thought Tesla had a redesigned screen they were going to start replacing these with, starting some time later this summer? (I read about some people who were told to hold off on replacing their screen because that new part was on the way.)

That's going to be highly irritating if they can't or won't fix this as warranty, only 1 day after I got the vehicle! | 30 juni 2019

@tom - I suspect it was there for a while. It very slowly yellows over 6-12 months. Most never notice it until you point it out or look for it, then it "suddenly" appears. Also if the background is on night mode, it's almost invisible, so if the display switched from night to day, it would "appear", even though it was there for a while.

@Passion2Fly - Good to hear a fix is working. No idea if temporary or permanent. Let's hope perminate!

inconel | 1 juli 2019

I guess that's a shortcut for "permanent fix for the laminate problem"

jjgunn | 1 juli 2019

Can we see a pic of the yellow band on screen please?

Vawlkus | 2 juli 2019

There is a fix coming later this year (word from a Tesla Ranger I asked about it), it’s just not finalized yet.