suggestion for enhancing screen display of reversing

suggestion for enhancing screen display of reversing

The S & X cars have 8 cameras (I understand) and yet uses only one to show on the screen what's going on when reversing.
It would be helpful to have a top-down view (as Mitsubishi do for example) to show the car as it manoeuvres around obstacles, particularly when in a tight situation. Is there general support for this? If so, how can we encourage Tesla software engineers to take this on?

Earl and Nagin ... | 6 juli 2019

The top-down view cameras that I've seen in some cars are exactly that: Top down. They are designed for and great for seeing things 2 or 3 meters around the car for parking. Tesla's side cameras are for seeing vehicles approaching from a long way away. Tesla would have to add more cameras to give the 'bird's eye view' that those cars have. It is not just a software issue.
Tesla's near-term approach to make parking easier is the sonar sensors around the car that tell you how far you are away from close obstacles. Tesla's long-term plan is for the car to park itself, something that it does in limited situations today already.
I, personally, can understand why Tesla doesn't spend money putting in more cameras for a function that they see going away in the near future anyway. Remember, Tesla's management, for better or worse, is focused on the long-term, not so much on the short term. | 6 juli 2019

Yep, can't be done in software as the side and front cameras are pointed outwards and do not have a view to the bottom near the car. Similarly, it would be impossible for Mitsubishi (or others) that have a bird's eye view to provide AP features - their cameras are pointed in the wrong direction, down (ignoring they don't have the CPU horsepower to do the processing for AP).

Could be done with more cameras, but as Earl, points out, doesn't seem worth it in the direction Tesla is taking.

amire | 6 juli 2019

OK, if it's not software I get it. I am certainly not advocating a hardware solution.