Leesburg Virginia 4th Of July Tesla Parade

Leesburg Virginia 4th Of July Tesla Parade

I don't know how many Teslas were in the parade as I stopped county at 15. Go Tesla!

SO | 7 juli 2019

Very cool. And the kid said how he liked the quiet cars.

Mike83 | 7 juli 2019

Awesome and hopefully shakes up some the anti Tesla American non thinkers

Tesla-David | 7 juli 2019

Fantastic and very patriotic to see Tesla's in the parade, especially made in USA on the side. Tesla hatters are iunpatriotic!

andy.connor.e | 8 juli 2019

"X-wing" thats a good one.

Best kind of advertising right there.

nukequazar | 9 juli 2019

If there’s ever been a reason to turn a phone camera to the correct orientation (landscape)... it’s a parade! ;)

Cool parade with no local pollution!