When dog mode doesn't work for humans...

When dog mode doesn't work for humans...

Last weekend, it was 90+ in the area. I went groceries shopping with my dog in the back of the car. Dog mode is enabled and she lounges, enjoying the AC, with the screen up with the usual message about dog mode being on.

Not 10 minutes into the store, a store clerk intercoms the whole store looking for the owner of my car. I go up and she said a man saw that my dog was in my car, the windows are up, and so he called the police. I told her, "It's on Dog Mode." She doesn't know what dog mode is, and I told her it keeps the AC on for the dog. She goes, "oh" and then shrugs, "well, I don't know. He said he already called the cops."

I go outside to my car, there was nobody there. A man passes by and asked, "Oh, is that your car?" I said yes. He said I should open the windows for my dog. I said, "No, it's on Dog Mode. The AC is on." He doesn't seem to get it, and continues to say, "but you should open the windows for him. Even just a little bit helps." I insisted, "No, the AC is on." He kept mumbling about opening the windows while continuing to walk away.

I don't get it - are keeping windows up when the AC is on a novel concept? Or has reading comprehension reached an all-time low in the Bay Area?

Cops didn't come in the end, btw.

Anybody else had this happen to them?

vmulla | 12 juli 2019

I see a market for window shades with a message on it.

My dog is chilling in a Tesla! Call xxxyyyzzzz if you'd like to reach the owner :)

I'm not the best at funny signs, but I expect some very good messages as Tesla's become popular.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 juli 2019

Grab the store mic, and announce to everyone that your dog is in a TESLA, the safest dog car ever.

Ron.Olsberg | 12 juli 2019

I think dog mode is a great option. Hate so say it but a large portion of the population would not ever call a cell phone number prominently displayed but would call the authorities and possibly break out a window. Some local laws do not allow leaving your pets in a car unattended, even though they are perfectly safe. If we had Dog Mode when I was a kid, my parents could have left me in the car alone and no one would have even noticed. We even drank out of garden hoses and stood up in the front seat while traveling (cars did not even have seat belts). Don't know how I survived lucky I guess!

darthchung02 | 12 juli 2019

Some people are under the impression that leaving the window open a crack when the a/c is going is cooler than just the a/c alone

TexasBob | 12 juli 2019

You can buy these reusable dog mode cling stickers...

CharleyBC | 12 juli 2019

"are keeping windows up when the AC is on a novel concept?"

Yes, it would seem so. In an ICE, AC only works if the engine is running, and people are unwilling to do that. And even for those who are, they walk up to your 3 (occupied by safe, comfy dog) and don't hear an engine, so they just KNOW you're killing your dog.

This is a paradigm shift. People don't get it yet. I still have people ask me how far I can get on my gasoline backup after the battery runs out.

TexasBob | 12 juli 2019

Here is a free alternative I made. Print, laminate, and slide into the edge of your back windows when you leave.

tps | 12 juli 2019

I agree, people just don't get it.

I'm going to make a letter sized poster that says 'look at the temperature on the dash display' and 'Sentry Mode is taking your picture so, if you break my window, plan on paying for it.'

Hal Fisher | 12 juli 2019

I was driving one day and the ac was definitely not working. It stated it was on but not blowing cold. I did the two button reboot and then it started working. From now on when if i have a dog and it’s in dog mode i check the temp using the app a few minutes after leaving the car.

wb808 | 12 juli 2019

@Magic 8 Ball - "Grab the store mic, and announce to everyone that your dog is in a TESLA, the safest dog car ever."

Ok now that's funny!

hcdavis3 | 13 juli 2019

Magic...Attention shoppers!

ElectricAlex | 13 juli 2019


Dog mode and Sentry mode are incompatible, they both cannot be on at the same time.

Bighorn | 13 juli 2019

I put a sign in the windshield. You can’t expect someone to see the screen and tint may make it tough to see regardless.

GarageCharger | 13 juli 2019

People who are concerned enough about the dog are going to be looking inside the car before they go smashing any windows. The screen is very visible to anyone checking out your dog, I think Dog Mode works great. My wife uses it all the time and has no concerns that anyone could miss the bright warning on the screen, the display of cabin temperature and the message that "My owner will be right back".

Иг | 13 juli 2019

The title reads as first as "Humans cannot survive in the car being in dog mode"

Another risk is that someone will decide to be a hero and break your window to safe the dog.

coleAK | 14 juli 2019

I really wish Tesla would advertise. They could even take a stab at the Subaru “dog family” ads. My wife has sold 3 people on Tesla just because of dog mode. Tesla is really missing the boat not highly taking advantage of this. Lexus sold tons of RX when they first came out because of a well marketed purse hook.

jjgunn | 14 juli 2019

Most people still think Tesla's are "too expensive."

For the same $50k as most other higher end vehicles you can have so much more.

I've been "advertising".... believe me

coleAK | 14 juli 2019

I’m all for word of mouth but traditional advertising (unfortunately) still has its place. I think the vast majority of people really know little to nothing about Tesla’s. At least 9 out of 10 times some random person says anything about it its about it being a 6 figure car. The 1 person it’s asking how I charge it with no charging stations in the state.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 juli 2019

TESLA has no demand issue, currently, and cannot supply a demand brought about by advertising yet.

Wormtown Kris | 14 juli 2019

One of the few times we've used dog mode, my wife and son had been in a Barnes and Noble just a few minutes when there was an announcement over the intercom- "License plate EV_____, there is a dog in your car and the windows are closed." They went to the counter and some old lady said, "Just making sure- the windows were completely closed." Of course, Tuukka was totally fine and comfy.
I feel that if you're peeking in my windows anyway, the car clearly states that dog mode is on and the temperature is a comfy 70 degrees. I don't feel any obligation to buy or laminate a bunch of signs for nosy ignorants. I feel that rather than posting signs that could be construed by haters as, "Look at the neat gadgets my fancy car has," it is a more powerful teaching moment for I or the cops to calmly explain that these new Tesla thingies have the ability to run the AC and keep the pets cool without "the engine" running.
As others said- this is a paradigm shift. And a lot of people would rather anonymously call the authorities than risk confrontation with the assumed horrible person who they erroneously think is torturing their dog. I'm hoping that if some hero ever breaks out our windows while we are using dog mode, I will be allowed to press charges for vandalism and also let them pay for the repairs, the rental car, etc.

jordanrichard | 14 juli 2019

No one outside of Tesla knows what Dog Mode is. I would have simply said the AC is running and showed them the app.
As for the the Dog Mode screen, Tesla needs to make it flash in bright colors to get people’s attention. With the reflection on the glass on a sunny day, the white screen with black lettering isn’t very visible. If one's dog is sitting on the back seat, that is where their attention is going to be unless something gets their attention like a flashing screen.

kevin_rf | 14 juli 2019

I use it on my wife all the time. No one has broken the window yet.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 juli 2019
gabejmilian | 14 juli 2019

remember this? good thing the owner wasn't black. shoot first ask later

priit | 15 juli 2019

@Magic 8 Ball is right that Tesla has no reason to advertise currently as they cannot manufacture enough to fill current demand. Once the manufacturing capacity gets high enough to actually pass the demand, they will most likely look at advertising, but since that time is not yet here, there is no point in advertising, as they already sell all they can make.

rdh37 | 15 juli 2019

Dog mode cracks my wife up. And no, we do not have a dog. When she is sitting in the car while I run into a store, I always ask, "leave the A/C on or do you want dog mode." She is a very good sport.

Kathy Applebaum | 15 juli 2019

I keep a couple of laminated half-page signs in my car that say "Electric car, AC is on, dog is fine" and put them in the rear windows when the dog is in there and the car is on dog mode (he likes to stay in the back) Haven't had a problem yet.

timhippo | 15 juli 2019

I just tried this for the first time when my wife wanted to stay in the car while I grabbed some groceries. I put on Dog Mode, got out, then heard her laughing loudly as I walked away and she was taking pictures of the screen. She is truly enjoying this car more every day.

rdh37 | 15 juli 2019

@timhippo, did you steal my wife? See my post a couple up from yours.

hokiegir1 | 15 juli 2019

@kevin, @rdh, and @timhippo - Hubby and I do the same to each other. We say "Do you want to be turned into a dog, or just have the AC?"