Supercharging referral program in Virginia, Ohio

Supercharging referral program in Virginia, Ohio

Anybody know why Tesla is not allowed to give residents of Virginia, Ohio, (and maybe Canada?) the free supercharging miles earned with a referral? Odd that my sales rep (in Virginia) was unaware of this until after my purchase and delivery.

Flash | 12 juli 2019

Archaic and customer un-friendly dealership laws in both states. I can’t remember the exact verbiage. Something about having to work for a dealership to be compensated by the manufacturer. | 13 juli 2019

Thanks. I figured it had something to do with our legislature's cozy relationship with the ICE folks. Pitiful.

skdbreed | 27 juli 2019

I'm in Ohio and was just told I do not qualify for referral program either. We got a gas tax passed though! Funny how things work.

nukequazar | 28 juli 2019

You should ask for some other compensation in lieu of the promised supercharging, e.g. maybe a they could throw in a Wall Connector instead.