Slow autopark

Slow autopark

Recent software updates have pretty much made autopark useless. Today it was creeping into a spot in reverse and stopped, said "Autopark Canceled" I did a Resume and it did the same thing, so I finally went the final 6 feet on my own. It's so much slower than the original versions. Also, I noticed today I put it into reverse and had the black backup screen but hit Autopark and it took off on it's own, I had no way to monitor it.

charles.a.braun | 15 juli 2019

I don't use the features of the car that I can do better / faster.

The first thing that comes to mind fitting that description, is parking.

By, the way, you might want to contact Tesla to get the 3 mirrors installed that came with mine (and every other) car. They make monitoring the activities outside the car quite easy when the backup camera is malfunctioning.

dmastro | 15 juli 2019

Is autopark still a functioning feature? I haven't seen the "P" pop up in months and assumed it was stealth-nerfed in one of the recent firmware updates.

Tronguy | 15 juli 2019

@dmastro: It's still working. Used it four or five times up in Boston last weekend. Didn't notice any slowdown, not that it was all that fast in the first place.

calvin940 | 15 juli 2019

I am on 20.4.4 and have used autopark this weekend without issue.

Techy James | 15 juli 2019

@charles.a.braun While all Tesla Model 3's have two Side mirrors and 1 rearview mirror. Due to design of car and size of mirrors, the use of visual and mirrors for safely backing into a parking spot is very limited without the assistance of backup camera.

@dmastro Yes the autopark is still a functional feature assuming you have either EAP or AP + FSD. Although it may only require AP.

@mknewman I will admit, I saw the P come up a lot more back in December 2018 when I go the car than I do since 2019.16+ Firmware update. Even with Current 2019.20.4.2 Firmware I rarely see the option for Self Park. When it does give the option, the self parking takes multiple tries to the point our Security Guy where I work made the commented I might want to send the car to a dedicated parking school to teach it to park. I was monitoring it entire time, and it took a total of 5 attempts pulling back out and starting over before it thought it was done. Final grade assuming we only look at final results. c-. Issues. 1) even after attempting to get straight 5 times, car was off center at about 20 degree angle in spot based on marked lines. 2) The rear bumper was over the yellow line at back of space putting it about 3 inches into the sport behind. I corrected #2 but only marginally corrected 1 as I moved car forward so bumper was in it's defined spot.

Techy James | 15 juli 2019

Now looking back, I give EAP and NoAP features a lot more practice as I frequently uses those features, so maybe the fact I rarely let car park itself, means it don't get practice it needs to improve assuming each car has a degree of machine learning.

mknewman | 15 juli 2019

Yes, it was far better last year. I'm going to file a ticket, everyone else should as well.

dmastro | 15 juli 2019

Thanks everyone for your feedback, yes I do have EAP. I've never been able to get the "P" to show up consistently, and not at all in the last few months. Maybe I'm not tilting my head the right way as I'm searching for parking spots. It seems like witchcraft to get it to work!

rxlawdude | 15 juli 2019

Just used it on Saturday. No appreciable slow down for our M3 (LR RWD).

melmartin | 15 juli 2019

I don't use it often but it has been flawless.... not as fast as I can do it, but more accurate than I usually do it.