Panic Mode

Panic Mode

Tesla should consider adding a "panic mode" icon to the dashboard.

As I was charging this morning at 3:00am, i realized how vulnerable i was being tethered to the charging station. If someone were to approach my car to either do harm to me or to steal my car, i would have virtually no way of either drive away, scare the person off or to possible notify passing cars (hopefully law enforcement) that i was under distress. Being able to engage a panic mode could do several things, it could immediately sound my horn, flash the lights, engage the camera, etc. Additionally, there could be a panic code, so if i were forced to put in a code, i could use the user defined panic code, which would enable the car then possibly do things like notify the police or enable automatically enable tracking of the vehicle or even disable the vehicle within a few miles.

There are multiple ways something like a panic mode could be implemented but in a situation where the driver is totally vulnerable since it is impossible to engage the car seems like a reasonable safety feature. Would love to get other people thoughts

EVRider | 16 juli 2019

Why can’t you honk the horn and flash the lights if you’re in the car already? Dashcam should already be on unless you turned it off it. Sentry Mode might be on too, unless charging disables it,

jimglas | 16 juli 2019

Why is a tesla any different than any other car for your concerns?
When you are filling your honda at 3AM, does it do any of these things? | 16 juli 2019

Ah, but with the Honda, you can still drive off, ripping out the gas hose from the pump, and causing the station to blow up! It happens in the movies all time, so must be a common occurrence.

@EVRider - thanks for a logical solution available today for every car.

jimglas | 16 juli 2019

that actually happened not far from my office a few years back. Some unfortunate lady burned up inside the car she was sitting in while filling up with gas.

EVRider | 16 juli 2019

An idea that someone proposed here a long time ago, which could be more practical for this scenario, is an emergency eject button to eject the charge cable from inside the car so you can drive away.

Otherwise, keep the doors locked, use the horn and lights as needed, and call 911 if appropriate.

Voltaire325 | 16 juli 2019

This is a good idea. Emergency disconnect of the charge cable is really all you would need. Those who are crapping all over the OP for this post are pathetic.

jordanrichard | 16 juli 2019

Voltaire325, You need a method for the cable which is inserted by 2 inches in to the car, to be expelled from the chargeport.

Techy James | 17 juli 2019

@jordanrichard actually that would be simple, spring mounted plates on that once unlocked would push the cord out. These would need a separate lock mechanism to prevent it from ejecting the cord every time you unlock the charge port. No need to risk your charge cable at home if it's not an emergency. Also there is high probability this action could case scratching of the paint job as the charge cord slides down the side of car.

EVRider | 17 juli 2019

Yes, the emergency eject feature would require hardware changes, and could damage your paint and/or the charging cable, but those are acceptable risks if you need to escape a dangerous situation. There should be a confirmation prompt so you couldn’t eject the cable by accident. | 17 juli 2019

Interesting solution, but it feels like a solution looking for a problem. I'm not aware of a single instance of this being needed in over 6 years and hundreds of thousands of cars. Likely there have been millions of Supercharger connection events during this time as well.

NKYTA | 17 juli 2019

We do know of one owner that was robbed at gunpoint while SCing.
Topeka, KS SC.

Not sure the situation would have been safe even with eject-mode and a stomp on the Go Pedal...but... | 17 juli 2019

There was another similar event I think at Barstow late at night a few years ago, but if I remember right, they were outside the car. Not sure what the best answer is. I've done my share of charging at odd hours over the years, as I'm sure quite a few others have. The safest bet seems to be when multiple owners are charging. Feels the safest anyway. Luckily with more EVs, more locations have other owners charging at all hours.

jimglas | 17 juli 2019

I suspect there has been somebody robbed while gassing up their ICE.

EVRider | 17 juli 2019

@jimglas: If you're gassing up your ICE, you're not sitting in the car. If you're supercharging a Tesla, chances are you're either in the car or somewhere away from the car.

But I agree with TeslaTap that it's not enough of a problem for Tesla to invest resources to solve. On the other hand, you could argue that Bioweapon Defense Mode was another solution looking for a problem. :-)

SO | 17 juli 2019

“On the other hand, you could argue that Bioweapon Defense Mode was another solution looking for a problem. :-)”

I have used this much more than I would have used the eject button. | 17 juli 2019

I was also doubtful about Bioweapon Defense Mode (super air filtering) until I went through a roadside brush fire on the freeway. Visibility was about 10 feet due to extreme smoke. We didn't even notice the smoke smell inside the car. I was very impressed.

jimglas | 17 juli 2019

it works well for clearing gas smell

Mike83 | 17 juli 2019

Filtering out particulates related to strokes and heart disease is an added benefit. When we travel in cities we run it keeping out the diesel, asbestos, unburnt gas, etc. It is also grate during pollen and allergy seasons.
An ounce of prevention worth a lb. of cure.

TranzNDance | 17 juli 2019

Does BWD require it being turned on before the smell gets into the car? The two times I used it, it took a while for the smell to dissipate. It was better than not having it near the Coalinga ranch but it was still smelly. | 17 juli 2019

@TranzNDance - BDM shouldn't be needed if the windows are all rolled up and sunroof (if equipped) is closed. It will speed bad smell reduction if you had a window/sunroof open (and then close them).

Coalinga/Harris ranch can be bad if the wind is towards the freeway from the cow feed lots. Haven't needed BDM while driving through there in the last 2.5 years. Older S (without BDM/filters) was bad news in this area.

TranzNDance | 17 juli 2019

The windows and sunroof were all closed. Before BDM, I had to hold my hand to my nose and mouth to mitigate the smell from the lots. Is 2017 considered old? | 17 juli 2019

@TranzNDance - 2017 should be fine. I have a Dec-2016. Maybe it was particularly bad when you went through or maybe I've been lucky and the wind was going the other way. I go through that area about 4 times a year.

EVRider | 18 juli 2019

Good air filtering is useful, but the “bioweapon defense” aspect is a bit over the top. | 18 juli 2019

@EVRider - I agree, but I like how Tesla is willing to inject a bit of humor in some of the features. Based on ICE sales, there is still a large market for dull, boring vehicles, which it seems some prefer.

N6JRA | 5 augustus 2019

@TeslaTap There have been cases of people being robbed, even carjacked at superchargers. A simple google search finds them, like this:

We an support Tesla without BLINDLY supporting them. they can't fix things if we don't provide constructive criticisms.

Tesla2018 | 5 augustus 2019

I installed the frunk struts that automatically open the hood.
Throw your wallet out the window so it lands on the frunk. Press the button and have it open tbe frunk, throwing your wallet back over the car while hitting the thief in the head. Dont know if this would work in real life. But it would be nice to have the frunk open and a remote control flamethrower mounted inside. | 6 augustus 2019

@Tesla2018 - Better solution :)

@JimAlger - Would you really attempt to drive off with a gun pointed at you, even if you're in the car. For me they can have my money or even the car. Both are worth a lot less to me than my life.

Yep, I'm aware of the several car jackings, and it is important to be aware of what is going around you. From the descriptions, suggested solution above would not have helped. Doesn't mean at some future time, someone could get away if such a feature was made, but having someone shooting at you while driving away doesn't seem all that healthy either. If they don't have a gun, use your cell phone to call the police and keep the doors locked.

P.S. no problem with constructive ideas - I've got a website with over 600 ideas for Tesla with over 100 suggested ideas now implemented by Tesla.