Washing and Detailing your Tesla Tips

Washing and Detailing your Tesla Tips

Hi All

After owning several cars with black paint including my Model S and trying different strategies to care for the paint, I was able to preserve a good looking paint without professional washing or detailing help and fairly on the budget over several years.
My goal was always sustainable washing and cleaning schedule without breaking my budget. I have collected the tips in the following blog:

Hope this is helpful ! | 16 juli 2019

Some good points, but I prefer the two bucket method. Only way I wash my car.

Techy James | 16 juli 2019

I can get the outside looking great, even the seats and doors. What I can't seem to seem to get to look perfect is the Inside Front Window and Back window of my Model 3. I tried several different versions of those extend a reach window cleaner. Even tried multiple brand window cleaners, and can't get that perfect crystal clear front and back window with no imperfections on the inside. Outside easy peasy, but that inside window even with streak free claiming windows always seems to have a streak or two that are so annoying when sun hits them. Closes I ever get is with a set of paper towels and Rainx Streak free glass cleaner.