Waiting for Tesla Model S bumper for 5 weeks Now, my car is in Bodyshop under Hot Sun

Waiting for Tesla Model S bumper for 5 weeks Now, my car is in Bodyshop under Hot Sun

Hello, My 2014 Tesla Model S had was involved in small accident when A car backing up from parking lot hit my passenger side bumper, through my insurance I took it to Tesla Approved Body shop in San Jose (Arseen Autobody). They said they ordered the parts, but it has been 5 weeks now, no parts came to the bodyshop from Tesla. What is happening with the Tesla parts? how long the tesla owners have to wait for the parts? Is it happening all over America, or just in the Bay area? Is Tesla working to solve this critical issue?? Its frustrating!!
Any advice??


Aerodyne | 26 juli 2019

I don't have the answers to your questions, I have opinions, and there are many ancedotal tales of work to be found here and elsewhere, but they would be depressing.

Any chance you can still drive your car while you wait for parts?

If not, do you have a decent loaner?

Would you be able to get the shop to put a cover over your car?

Aerodyne | 26 juli 2019

"Tales of woe...."

GHammer | 26 juli 2019

My car is the shop right now and I'm pretty pleased with the schedule so far

May 31 Rear ended
June 6 Insurance and Authorization to Repair complete
July 7 Parts arrived
July 12 Car into Body Shop
July 24 Car and parts into paint

Expected completion on July 30th

akikiki | 26 juli 2019


And you should ask your body shop to show you proof that the bumper is on order. You can not always believe they did it or they didn't make an error with the order.

carlk | 27 juli 2019

Is the car still drivable? Why are you keeping the car at the body shop instead of your own garage even it's not? I would never let them to have the car unless they have showed me everything is in order and work can be started right away. Body shops are known to take you car, and take off some parts if necessary, so you will not be able to go anywhere else. The same tactics many home remodel contractors employe. Hope everyone learns a lesson from stories like those.

carlk | 27 juli 2019

Also did you contact Tesla service center if you're in San Jose? If not why?

Hammonddave | 28 juli 2019

My S was vandalized and I used a Tesla Certified body shop. They told me that they would order the parts (side and fender panels, mirror, window) and would call me when they came in. In the meanwhile I could continue driving the car. Sure enough the parts came in after 3 weeks. They now have my car for a week to install and paint the parts. I was also considering the Tesla body shop but they said that the car has to be in their possession before they ordered the parts. I guess I made the right choice.

plusplusjames | 31 juli 2019

Do NOT leave your car (whatever make) in the hot sun for any period of time. The rays and heat will cook 'n cure your leather and furnishings. Great way to age your car prematurely.