Getting Tesla Mobile Ranger Service in Albuquerque

Getting Tesla Mobile Ranger Service in Albuquerque

I have had my Model 3 for just over a year and up until now have had no problem getting Mobile service. There was a Tesla beta website that I used to request mobile service and it worked quite well. That website is no longer supported. I requested mobile service by selecting the closest service center (450 miles away) and describing my service needs and requested Tesla Mobile Ranger service. A day later I received a text message indicating my appointment was being canceled and that my service request information would be forwarded to the Albuquerque Tesla mobile team and they would be contacting me (this is exactly what I was expecting); however, two and a half weeks later I have not been contacted by the mobile team. I know the Mobile team is probably very busy but it would be nice to know I am in the queue. i was also told they are working to upgrade the phone app service request to allow for directly requesting Tesla mobile Ranger service. Is there a better way to request Tesla Mobile Ranger Service?

Thanks In Advance for any Insight/Advice!
Regards, Ron

Ron.Olsberg | 30 juli 2019

Bump, has anyone anywhere in the US had problems scheduling mobile service? If so, please let me know how you schedule Ranger service. BTW, in New Mexico Tesla does not have any service centers.

dwejr99 | 30 juli 2019

I scheduled thru the app. Got an email next day confirming. We'll see if it actually happens Aug 16. Fingers crossed.

dwejr99 | 30 juli 2019

I'm in Colorado springs for what it's worth.

robcorlew | 6 augustus 2019

I am also in Albuquerque. I believe the only way to trigger the mobile service tech in Albuquerque on the phone app is to specifically click on the "accessory installation & upgrades" button when it asks you for the type of service you want. That was the only way I could request mobile service in our area directly on the app. Even though my issue was not specific to accessory install or upgrades I put my issue in the comments and the tech was aware of my problem prior to the appointment. I was able to get an appointment within a weeks time.

Ron.Olsberg | 8 augustus 2019

@robcorlew Thanks! I will try that.

lahnm6 | 13 oktober 2019

Thanks robcorlew! I also live in Albuquerque. I just did as you suggested and was able to schedule an appointment at my home. Yes, had to click on "accessory installation & upgrades". Who would have thought.