Downloading navigation data update - stuck for 2 days

Downloading navigation data update - stuck for 2 days

Hello. Ok the short of it is my car is stuck at what looks like maybe 2 % on the downloading navigation data update under the software update area and it won’t go beyond where it is and it’s frozen. Going on day 2 with this. I did a soft reboot of my car and complete power Off/on a few times and also tried connecting to an alternate WiFi network. Just wondering if anyone’s has any voodoo magic on how to force a update to complete?? Ok I know your saying speak to Tesla support which I did and no luck so far.
I spoke to the phone support and also a quick support chat and both times no real solutions other than open a support ticket and it will go through the proper support channels most likely getting a visit from the ranger. Anyone anyone know any tricks ?? Thanks.

triumphbob | 1 augustus 2019

I'm having the same issue. Made certain the WiFi was strong enough but still no joy. I've set up a service appointment to see if that would trigger a response.

Sandman89 | 1 augustus 2019

Don't worry had the same issue on a previous software version. It's not a big deal. You will still get the new update when it's pushed to your car and once you download a new update, the problem resolves itself. Don't waste time by scheduling an appointment for this "issue"

waymn201 | 21 augustus 2019

I now have the exact issue as of 8/20. Did your software finally download?

waymn201 | 21 augustus 2019

I now have the exact issue as of 8/20. Did your software finally download?

CharleyBC | 21 augustus 2019

Dumb question: where in the UI do you see that you have a map update in progress, and what percentage complete it is?

ddorbuck | 21 augustus 2019

hey charleybc, its in the software update section, it shows you your current navigation data version and if you are not on wifi a message to connect your car to wifi to get the update. wayman201 yes i had to do a power off for 3 minutes then a quick screen display reboot with both scroll wheels to get the download to start again. it took a long time even on my home wifi which is fast. once it downloaded it also took a bit before the car registered the update was installed. To other IT geeks out there like me i noticed my firewalls snort IDS rules were causing extra havoc for this download at my home. i temp disabled the snort signature that was getting triggered and it helped. For other who are not IT ... rock on brothers! ;>

me | 7 september 2019

Same here. show 25 Mb/s. Already waited for 30 minutes and still progress bar didn’t move at all. The problem is that I can’t connect to my home wife that’s why I needed to go to my work parking.

ferjilo | 7 september 2019

Maybe let it more time shutdown will help