Dashboard loss of contrast... huh?

Dashboard loss of contrast... huh?

Updated to 2019.28.3 today and things looked normal during the day.

Night time driving though. Whoa.

The dashboard display looks like someone on purpose lowered the contrast and it looks odd.

Not sure if it’s on purpose or...

Anyway, who’s seen this too?

Anthony J. Parisio | 15 augustus 2019

Did you check the brightness setting for the night time view?

reed_lewis | 15 augustus 2019

Did you also do a scroll wheel reset (and the upper scroll wheel for the dashboard display if you have the older hardware?)

Sometimes a simple reboot is the best fix.

kerryglittle | 15 augustus 2019

I set mine to automatic brightness. If that was the way you had it originally setup it should be fine. Maybe it flipped to manual?

EVRider | 15 augustus 2019

I’ve seen that issue too. I’m on 2019.28.2 but I don’t remember if I saw it before or after that upgrade. I was on 24.4 previously.

BPSoCal | 19 augustus 2019

Yeah. I’ve reset it and it looks like it may be a “feature”. Oh well. It’s mildly annoying but nothing serious