The service is very bad NOW

The service is very bad NOW

The service is very bed now I have a problem that's affecting my driving and I CAN'T get any help from them from them---
No buttons are working are working on the steering wheel no scroll wheels and no horn----

danielcohn77 | 16 augustus 2019


teodor.suveica1 | 16 augustus 2019

@danielcohn77 have u tried to schedule the appointment for service in the Tesla App? My friend had an issue and after he schedule the app mobile service came and fix it even if he was far away from home

jimglas | 16 augustus 2019

Service is the new FUD

lilbean | 16 augustus 2019

Power off the car for five minutes. After powering off, stay in the car and do not press the brake. After five minutes press the brake to power on. | 17 augustus 2019

It always amazes me how someone feels service is bad without actually making an appointment and giving service a chance to deal with the problem. Takes less time to make an appointment than to rant on the forums.

sschaem | 17 augustus 2019

I would suggest going to your account and escalating your issue.

It might not help you, but at least someone at Tesla that care about customer satisfaction can start to see patterns.
Tesla is very reactive, not pro active. They will not put in place methods until problem appears.
And they will not know if problem exist if its not documented.

This might change, but to this date Tesla is managed adopted a re-active vs pro active business model.

tommystus | 21 augustus 2019

It's very difficult to get live phone support now when you call Tesla. Service is still good at the service center in person so, if you can, just drive there. That was what I had to do last week.

bp | 22 augustus 2019

There's a big difference between "can't get any help" and "it takes a long time to get someone on the Roadside Assistance line".

OP should provide more information.

Did the OP try to call the Road Assistance number of the nearby Service Center?

Or is this more a complaint about the software not operating correctly in the vehicle - and didn't attempt rebooting the software to clear the problem?

Silver2K | 22 augustus 2019

Service is great, communication needs work | 24 augustus 2019

@volefen - clearly a copy and paste bot spammer. Flag it away!

RAUDIKAL | 6 september 2019

Schedule service option disappeared from app and online.
I can’t see it in either place as of two weeks ago.
Anyone else? | 6 september 2019

@RAUDIKAL - Checked both web and phone in the last 10 minutes. Both have options for service and are working for me. I'm in Calfornia so it may be different in select states or countries for regulatory reasons. Where are you located?

TcTexas | 7 september 2019

@RAUDIKAL - Schedule service disappeared on our app and online also. We have a MS and MX. Was told they were working some network software issues.

RAUDIKAL | 8 september 2019 I am in Michigan. I thought it was an issue related to my home location but it’s not. I am not sure if it’s related to my MX90D production year? I tried my account on iPhone app, Android app, and online; and do not see the option. Another funny thing is that my car shows as blue online but it’s actually red.

RAUDIKAL | 8 september 2019

@TcTesla - I was told by Tesla tech support to delete the app, restart phone, and install the app; which did not fix the problem. I will wait to see if they provide a reason... maybe similar to what you were told.

jimglas | 11 september 2019

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samanthaeve166 | 22 september 2019

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RAUDIKAL | 23 september 2019

Tesla customer support was able to schedule mobile service for my “seat not latched” problem. The mobile service guy arrived 45 minutes after my service window. He tells me that he drive up from Cincinnati today, and goes on to tell me that there’s no way he would have made it in time for my appointment. He has no parts and doesn’t know what was done remotely to diagnose the issue. Without even opening the door, he tells me that my Model X will need to go to a service center for repair. He tried a few maneuvers for 10 minutes and drove off telling me that someone would call me to schedule service. He was a nice guy but I was frustrated by the lack of respect for my time and the lack of willingness in getting the problem fixed.
Why the lack of communication internally within Tesla service?

So I’m in Michigan and my closet service center is more than an hour south in Toledo. Do owners that have service centers local to them have issues that linger for months? Heck, my steering vibration during normal acceleration has been “waiting for parts” for two years. Others have had half shafts replaced but nothing for my vibration problem. I don’t have the luxury of walking into a service center and taking to an advisor. Is face to face the best way to get the problems fixed?

Passion2Fly | 24 september 2019

You need to follow up. Don’t wait for them to call you back, they won’t. But if you’re persistent, things will get done.