Trump "Orders" American Businesses to Look for Alternatives to China

Trump "Orders" American Businesses to Look for Alternatives to China

Via tweet, the President of the United States wrote, “Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China..."

"Hereby ordered" Ordered, I tell you. This is no longer funny. Will responsible people of all parties call out this tyrannical behavior? Did anyone think the United States could have a leader who has such dictatorial tendencies?

jimglas | 23 augustus 2019

his cult views it as being "strong"

andy.connor.e | 23 augustus 2019

our daily dose of trump

RedShift | 23 augustus 2019


.....provided by our daily idiot at the top.

Yeah, so now we need to look for an alternative to China. (Facepalm)

“Make it quick please, before the economy tanks, leading to people changing their minds about me, I get thrown out of the Whitehouse in 2020, and leading to some lawsuits that might expose just how bad a shape my finances are in.

Please. Find that alternative. For my sake.”


- Trump.

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

He is the chosen one. He should offer to buy China rather than Greenland.

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

Perhaps we could use Greenland as an alternative

sabbia | 23 augustus 2019

What's sadder, the "order" or the acquiescence of the principled small government, free-marketeers, party of of personal responsibility?

NKYTA | 23 augustus 2019

I think, unfortunately, the latter. :-/

Tesla-David | 23 augustus 2019

The utterly disgusting orange TURD tweeted "Lets trade Puerto Rico for Greenland". I despise this criminal/traitor/racist/misogyinst scumbag!

johncrab | 23 augustus 2019

Der Führer has blasted Jews, Gays, Muslims, Denmark, his own FED Chairman, China, and even Fixed Noise this week. And now Der Führer thinks he can nationalize every business in the US while taking a crap and have them all obey and kiss his capacious ass. To quote Shakespeare’s Henry II, “Will no one rid us of this meddlesome priest?”

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

He was chosen by God to teach us a lesson. Ok. Lesson learned. Let’s get back to reality and we promise we will behave.

dmm1240 | 23 augustus 2019

The Orange Toddler just threatened to raise all tariffs on Chinese made goods to 30%.

I know a psychologist who told me before he was elected that if Trump showed up at her office seeking treatment that she would call security to have him removed because he's dangerous and there is no treatment. After this week, does anyone doubt she's right? POTUS is mentally ill and a danger to everyone.

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

As I said earlier. If your grandfather told everyone he was “the chosen” and started trying to buy a bunch of countries at a minimum you would take away the car keys.

teslu3 | 23 augustus 2019

Free trade, deregulation, small government, reduce the national debt, improve balance of trade.
Oh wait, do the opposite when considering China: USA government now commands businesses to not trade with China? Lock out USA business from the profits, jobs and product development opportunities from serving those 1.4B people? What happened to USA technical competitiveness?

jimglas | 23 augustus 2019

i'm getting tired of all the winning

dmm1240 | 23 augustus 2019

Ahead of you, jim. I was tired of it before it began! :-)

rxlawdude | 23 augustus 2019

Is there anyone who believes his cabinet is discussing the 25th?

jimglas | 23 augustus 2019

no, they know his cult would start a civil war

sabbia | 23 augustus 2019

Did anyone hear what Tesla2018, Uncle Paul, neodweeb, remnant, DarthAmerica and tew ms said in response?

RedShift | 23 augustus 2019


No one cares anymore. It’s usually a combination of blatant dismissal, condescension, what-aboutism or if all else fails, silence, and then back to repeating the same tripe all over a few days later.

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

@sabbia. They all think he is the chosen and he has now gotten rid of the Chinese. We don’t have to put up with cheap junk they sell us. Too bad they won’t pay the tariffs for us. Tesla 2018 will find some other babies to yell out.

Yodrak. | 23 augustus 2019

"Too bad they[China] won’t pay the tariffs for us."

Maybe China can be convinced to offer to pay for the wall on behalf of Mexico?

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

@Yodrak. I think he knows China ain’t building walls. The only wall China would build would be the one around Mira Lago with him inside. China is just biding it’s time until we have a president without a mental disorder. All the while they are progressing while we are attempting to march rapidly back into the dark ages.

Yodrak. | 23 augustus 2019

"I think he knows China ain’t building walls."

Clearly I didn't lay the sarcasm on thick enough.

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

You did. I was just unfazed. The shock factor of yesterday is the yawn of today.

Yodrak. | 23 augustus 2019


Uncle Paul | 23 augustus 2019

It is time that someone steps up and tells American business to become more self reliant. Buying all our manufactured things from China weakens our economy, and makes theirs stronger.

If we keep sending all our money to China they will grow strong enough to threaten our way of life.

So many small towns and cities are struggling to keep their citizens employed. Their tax basis is crumbling and we foolishly continue to buy all our needs from China.

China is the greates wall builder of all time.


NKYTA | 23 augustus 2019

@uncle, really?

Have you seen the markets based on an idiot in office?

Oh, wait, are you profiting from them?

Follow the money.

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

Uncle. You need to stay away from the family hooch. Seriously. Telling China to go fuck themselves tells me it is time for a mental status evaluation. As I have been asking. When grandpa tells everyone he is the chosen and wants to go out and buy countries let’s take the car keys away first and then consider 24 hr home health care.

RedShift | 23 augustus 2019


News flash: China already has way too much cash. China also owns most of our debt.

You are advising others to wake up? Please, first improve your general knowledge, and then comment.

SCCRENDO | 23 augustus 2019

@redshift. Will never happen. Best we can hope for is for him to stay away from the family hooch so we don’t have to hear from him

lysae29 | 24 augustus 2019

"Hereby ordered" Ordered, I tell you. This is no longer funny. Will responsible people of all parties call out this tyrannical behavior? Did anyone think the United States could have a leader who has such dictatorial tendencies?

Madatgascar | 24 augustus 2019

American companies have famously spent a staggering amount of effort and investment establishing a foothold in China. Ever since Nixon opened the door, thousands of people’s entire adult lives have been devoted to building relationships of trust and respect with Chinese counterparts. We are intertwined, intermarried, and bound by our honor and promises. We are now “ordered” to find new trading partners? Just like that, based on one petulant tweet?

El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

"Herby ordered, like a dwarf with a scroll!"
- Bill Maher -

sabbia | 25 augustus 2019

Uncle says, "It is time that someone steps up and tells American business to become more self reliant."

So much here to unpack. Like how business work, vertical integration, core competencies, the profit motive.

Among the most important is, of course, telling (ordering) American business how to do business is ... wait for it...Socialism. Fascism if you prefer. Capitalism...not.

carlk | 25 augustus 2019

To be fair Xi can order any Chinese company to do anything he wishes anytime.

Uncle Paul | 25 augustus 2019

Trump is the President of the United States of America. He has tremendous power, and is fully within his legal capability to make such an edict.

For may years, American businesses have taken the instant profit route to build in China cheaply. China has taken advantage of them by stealing all their technology and processes. Now China no longer needs them and is in the process of removing them from their country, and now knows how, and has the technology to produce all those products in their own government owned factories.

Take a walk through most any retailer and notice that most of what they sell are no longer from American companies, but by new Chinese companies turning out the same product..directly.They are even setting up their own distribution points, like Harbor Freight, to sell directly to the American consumer. No middlemen necessary.
(In the past, all those middlemen were mostly American)

GE is now failing, HP is weakening, 3M is being ripped off, Ford and GM are soon to loose the ability to manufacture in China. China already owns 1/2 of those factories. Only Elon has been able to totally own their factory.

People can make fun of Trump, but he is the first willing to take the hits to get what needs to be done...done.

Left to the old ways Europe and Asia were sucking the USA dry financially. They were taking hundreds of billions every year to the detrement of us. We were sinking more and more into dept as they slowly continued to accumulate that debt by selling us trinkets (like we paid the Indians for New York.

The wealth of the US was partially built on the tariffs we were able to levy on other countries to do business here. US had no debt and was flowing with wealth. Time to do that again.


El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

Uncle Paul, there is no way trump can win this war, XI can force it on his people, Trump can't, the political pressure will squash him if the market tanks.

Also tariffs are paid during U.S. customs clearance by companies importing products, the exporters might reduce the price to counter tariffs, but surely don't have room to reduce 30%, hence endusers will have to pay at least part of that tariff.

Last but not least, look up what happens if China decides to refuse to buy any new U.S. bonds, or worse decide to sell the ones they hold!

carlk | 25 augustus 2019

Whether one likes Trump or not, or agree with his approach, China's unfair trade practice has to stop, It's more than just unfair tariffs. One CEO said, in private of course, we are a billion dollar company and we are against a multi-trillion dollar company the China Inc. Also we can't see China in the same light as we see Japan or Germany. Even not always agree with each other these are friendly and democratic countries. What we gave China also will have significant world order and national security consequences.

El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

@Clark U.S. could gang up with Europeans and Japanese against China, but that is not what Trumpet is doing, despite having same interests on that aspect. Also main problem is their monetary policy, not necessarily the tariffs.

El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

Ever wondered why EU or US never slaps sanctions on China?

El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

China has the leverage, they can dump all the treasury bonds on the market and crush the U.S. within ONE DAY, probably trigging third world war.

Madatgascar | 25 augustus 2019

Main problem I had was with the bald face theft of intellectual property. Yes, there were fairness issues that needed to be addressed, and Trump had a mandate to do it. Still, our response needs to be calibrated and crafted by the State Department in consultation with the appropriate experts and Congress. We are not a dictatorship, and by appearing to act as one we let China win the fairness argument on the world stage.

El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

Got it! Only China does IP theft, everybody else are playing by the rules. Is it cosy under that rock?

RedShift | 25 augustus 2019


“Trump is the President of the United States of America. ”

And not a king. You cannot order companies to do his bidding.

You conservatives are a such flaming hypocrites eh? If a Democrat had said what your dear leader said, you’d be screaming mad lecturing about ‘free markets’ and ‘ taking the big government out of private business.’

You go realize your hypocrisy now, don’t you, uncle?

While I sympathize with the goal of making China behave (I do believe they need to be taught a lesson and play responsibly), Trump has no strategy or intelligence to win this war.

I believe China will win, because it’s Trump who’s our leader. He isn’t clever enough to win.

Sorry to say.

El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

@RedShift You guys need to come to grips with what kind of powers the U.S. executive has these days! Obviously the whole U.S. is in mass denial.

Shesmyne2 | 25 augustus 2019

^ not all of us.

Still Grinning ;-)

El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

Good spirit! ^

sabbia | 25 augustus 2019

I wonder if Uncle would sing a different tune if his hospital bed were affected.

SCCRENDO | 25 augustus 2019

@uncle signed off as MEGA. Perhaps he wants to make England great again. Boris Johnson may have created a bigger clusterf*** than Trump.

El Mirio | 25 augustus 2019

@SCCRENDO you should tone it down, seriously!