Update on FSD hardware upgrade?

Update on FSD hardware upgrade?

Has anyone heard anything new on Tesla replacing the hardware for model X's with 2.0 hardware and purchase full seld driving? | 23 augustus 2019

There are no plans for any HW3 upgrades until a software release of FSD or some feature of FSD that requires HW3. Possibly it may happen by the end of the year, but my bet is on Q2-2020.

Waldek | 24 augustus 2019

my car is in service right now and I asked my Tesla service advisor about upgrades. He said that they don't have any plans how and when it will be done as of yet. He has told me he heard that some small group of AP2 were invited for trial upgrades. Supposedly emails are being sent randomly to small group of AP2 asking to set up upgrades. I asked if he can put me down on the list but he said that he has no access...

raffidesigns | 25 augustus 2019

HW3 retrofits will begin in end of Q4. Possibly Jan-March 2019.

raffidesigns | 25 augustus 2019

**Correction Jan-March 2020.

Vawlkus | 27 augustus 2019

Supposedly a couple of HW3 refits have been done recently, but I wouldn’t expect to see a mass rollout until end of this year, early next.

volefen | 27 augustus 2019

I think the Raven’s upgraded air suspension will be better able to adjust on the fly by looking at the road ahead. The hardware is there, but the software hasn’t been rolled out as far as I am aware.

inconel | 27 augustus 2019

Maybe after V10 rollout which could happen ... soon?

bp | 28 augustus 2019

Another factor - Tesla could wait to see if there's a new trade deal with China, which would remove the tariff on the HW3 processor, assembled in China.

Since Tesla will be providing the HW3 upgrade for free - it would make sense for them to try to avoid paying the tariff for the upgrades...

JAnnen | 30 augustus 2019

bp: "Since Tesla will be providing the HW3 upgrade for free - it would make sense for them to try to avoid paying the tariff for the upgrades..."

My math says that the 25% tariff on a FREE item close to zero.

foamcows | 31 augustus 2019

Tarried is based on the purchase price from the overseas vendor, not the sales price

RAUDIKAL | 7 september 2019

Anything new on V10 release? I keep reading that it will be rolled out at end of September.

raffidesigns | 8 september 2019

@RAUDIKAL I don't believe V10 has even started testing. There are some features leaked, but the major selling points (autonomous city W/red lights) has been absent. Unless its so secretive.