VW ID.3 Reveal

VW ID.3 Reveal

Volkswagen revealed the ID.3:
Note that the listed ranges for the various batteries are WLTP ranges, and are apparently urban ranges - not highway.

To my eye, it's a very catchy looking car. I think they've done an excellent job with the design for the young, urban, look-at-me crowd, although I think the wheel covers are over-the-top weird. I hope they build a million of them.

rxlawdude | 10 september 2019

VW has just introduced..... the GEN 2 PRIUS. ;-)

TabascoGuy | 10 september 2019

Other headlines from Electrek:
-VW ID.3 deliveries won’t start until ‘summer 2020’, will accumulate volume until then.
-VW has already produced 400 ID.3 electric cars, volume production starts in November.

Looks like they've already started.

TabascoGuy | 10 september 2019

@Frank99, We were at a VW dealership a couple of weeks ago looking at some of the "Final Edition" Beetles. The rims on those are similar to what's shown on the ID3. They actually look pretty nice in person.

jordanrichard | 10 september 2019

So clearly it has already started as it always does with media outlets and then of course the general public starts repeating it. So VW has come out with a purposed built EV. So what is already happening, just like the Taycan, people will say "VW has a new EV". True, but not true. A model only being available in one region of the world, IMHO, doesn't give you credit for having that car available, in what the media and general public will spin it as, being widely available. Like the Toyota RAV EV which turns out was only available in CA. I didn't even know such a vehicle existed.

In all of the talk about the id3, I don't recall reading/hearing on when it's coming to the rest of the world.

jordanrichard | 10 september 2019

Oh and BTW, I think it's a good looking car and it's good that there are 3 available battery sizes for different wants/budgets..

rxlawdude | 10 september 2019

All joking aside, they look like the 2004-2009 Prius, at least from the front.

Considering that model had a very low coefficient of drag, makes sense. | 10 september 2019

Article Quote: "there are no plans to sell this particular BEV in the North American market".

Appears it wasn't even designed to be modified for our market. Maybe Tesla is too strong of a competitor here, although it appears to be more of a competitor with the Bolt. Nothing for Tesla to worry about.

Tropopause | 10 september 2019


More for Tesla. VW is only building EV's where they are forced to do so. Kicking and screaming, all car companies will convert or go extinct.

Tropopause | 10 september 2019

The only price point mentioned is $33,000 for the base version which gets 330 kilometers WLTP which roughly equates to 180 mile EPA.

Not bad, but not going to be sold in USA so mean nothing to me as a US consumer. Guess we'll keep getting the fossil fuel VW's here in the USA.

rxlawdude | 10 september 2019

I'm sure their battery management system software is as good as their ICE software.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 10 september 2019

I’m happy for anyone who wishes to drive a “competing” EV. The more the merrier. No smell, no problem.

Ronbo | 10 september 2019

"VW is only building EV's where they are forced to do so.“

I disagree. VW is building a battery factory in Europe and investing in electric infrastructure. This is their first step. They will be a force in the electric car future and will probably be a real competitor with Tesla. I’m all for the competition as it will push Tesla to be better.

nukequazar | 10 september 2019

It’s a great lineup of cars! Can’t wait to see the Buzz. So cool. Not sure how they’re not calling the ID3 a golf, though, cuz... it’s a golf!

PrescottRichard | 10 september 2019

Electrek has an article saying there is an ID4 coming to the US.. FWIW

rxlawdude | 10 september 2019

Geez, why do they have to name their cars with .mp3 metatags?

NKYTA | 10 september 2019

Electrify America is going to save use all. Not.

Oh...wait...I have a Model S and a Model 3, and a Supercharger network that actually exists. And I’ve used extensively.

Pony up and get with the program VW.

Excuse me, Mission.

SamO | 11 september 2019

“Tesla can do many things better because the company does not have a legacy base. We already have a huge working model that needs to be completely transformed. But Elon Musk doesn't have that. He simply produces electric cars” — Michael Jost, Chief Strategy Officer, Volkswagen

bp | 11 september 2019

The US federal tax credit program either needs to be revised or discontinued, because those companies who invested earlier in EVs (Tesla, GM, Nissan, …) will be competing against those manufacturers who sat on the sideline and started later on developing EV, and will now get a $7500 price advantage.

If the US wants to encourage EVs - then set a market wide cap on the number of EVs to be sold getting the tax credit, and then phase it out for all manufacturers. Now that Tesla has proven the market, GM has been selling the Bolt for a few years, and Nissan is on another generation of the Leaf - why provide the late comers an advantage, especially if they will be importing their EVs to the US...

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 11 september 2019

This sounds like a job for our president.

jimglas | 11 september 2019

Trump digs coal, I doubt he would support EVs

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 11 september 2019

True, but if we told him he was giving tax incentives to evil imports while hurting American business I bet he’d care.

TabascoGuy | 11 september 2019

Scary thing is, that would actually work.

jimglas | 11 september 2019

he would probably simply add another tariff
he is too simple to understand anything else