Free Supercharger Locations? List Please

Free Supercharger Locations? List Please

Does anyone have a list of locations that offer free Supercharging? For example, Connecticut was offering free charging along the Merrit Parkway. There's an unconfirmed report that this ended recently, but as of July it was still free. This list would be helpful for planning road trips.

jordanrichard | 11 september 2019

One, there is only one location on the Merrit that has a charger and that is in Greenwich. Ok, technically it's two (North and Southbound sides.) There are no free superchargers for Model 3 owners. I too read reports of people not getting charged at certain chargers, but it was never made clear as to why. Regardless, this was probably a one off/time thing. So there is no "list" of "free" chargers.

stevehendler | 11 september 2019

My understanding is there are locations, for example restaurants where the business owner will cover the energy cost to draw in customers. Others have posted about it.

Joshan | 11 september 2019

There are many free chargers out there, just not Super Chargers. By me all the stuff at malls and grocery stores is free.

jordanrichard | 11 september 2019

Ok, you asked about "superchargers", not any old charger. Why would you go potentially way off the beaten path, avoiding a supercharger, to get to a charger that was be seriously/painfully slower than a super charger.

Effopec | 11 september 2019

Waco supercharger was always free, but I was billed for a couple of charges there last month. Not sure if this is a permanent change, or if I was just unlucky that day. In the end I'm not going to plan my route around saving $15.

jordanrichard | 11 september 2019

Also, those "free" destination chargers really aren't free. They are meant for patrons of the business be it a restaurant or hotel.

Joshan | 11 september 2019

@jordan because people are drawn like moths to the word FREE. I did an experiment in college which stunned people showing the power of the word FREE.

I took a box and filled it with rocks from around the school. I put it out front of the door with a sign that said FREE ROCKS TAKE ONE. By the end of the day all the rocks were gone.

jordanrichard | 11 september 2019

Joshan, I know, that is why I was pointing out the absurdity of trying to use "free" destination chargers.

Steve, do you live in CT, or simply will be passing through CT on to wherever?

stevehendler | 11 september 2019

I live in NJ and travel to New England quite often. I also take unusual routes because I enjoy open road and scenery, which can be considered "off the beaten path".

jordanrichard | 11 september 2019

Thumbs up for scenic drives, I with you on that. I head up the Tesla Owners Club of CT and I organize scenic drives with in our state.

Back to your quest. I know of only one "free" destination charger and it is way up in the northwest corner of the state. It is in Salisbury, at a restaurant/inn. While it is free, meaning you are not required to be staying there to use it, they naturally would appreciate one coming in for a drink/snack. If that part of CT is in your travels, let me know I can give you more details.

stevehendler | 11 september 2019

Jordan, I don't normally drive through CT. I take i87 and i90 to Boston or i87 then head West when going to Vermont. I appreciate the help though. Only occasionally for my wife's family reunions.

Reason the thread topic came up - Cant find the thread now but someone posted about their long road trip out west and mentioned they charged 8 times at Superchargers without being billed. I was also in Massachusetts before my Tesla and there were signs at a Supercharger that seemed to imply it was hosted by a local grocery store. And of course the Merrit or i95 in CT where the charging cost was displayed as $0.00

SamO | 11 september 2019

There was a grocery store that had a Supercharger and had agreed to pay the electricity.

Can’t remember the exact location.

andrewlee05 | 11 september 2019

When I first got my car, I took my car to a Supercharger station at Darien CT (I-95 NB) to test out the supercharger for the first time before my long road trip to Quebec and I was not charged anything, but Tesla might have changed that by now. This was back in May 2018.

bjrosen | 11 september 2019

There are supercharger locations at supermarkets in MA and Vt but they aren't free. Tesla is merely renting space from the markets. The superchargers at Lee, MA, Brattleboro Vt, Lebanon NH are all located in supermarket parking lots. Level 2 chargers are usually free at hotels because it's an amenity that attracts high income EV owners but I'm willing to bet that once EVs become mainstream they will start charging for them.

walnotr | 11 september 2019

Sorry to hear the Waco supercharger is no longer free. It was a pleasant surprise the first time we stopped there and had a $0.00 charge on the screen. It’s the only one I have come across in the 70+ superchargers we’ve stopped at.

kevin_rf | 11 september 2019

Back in February, I also did not get charged at either of the Darien CT SC's (North and South). Thought it odd at the time. Now it all makes sense.

jimglas | 11 september 2019

all superchargers are free for me

gmr6415 | 11 september 2019

@stevehendler, As far as destination chargers, tap on the right side of your touchscreen. A lightning bolt will briefly appear. Tap on it. It will list all superchargers (I believe within about a 300 mile range) and destination chargers will show up at the bottom of the list. Using the touchscreen pan through the map around the area you are wanting to drive and you should be able to see the destination chargers.

You can also go to and find destination chargers. PlugShare is a good app too.

There is another option. In some cases Tesla will wave the fee on superchargers in a disaster area. Last winter we went from Central Florida to Asheville, NC. Starting in North Florida through GA, SC and NC all superchargers were free because they were along the path of hurricane Michael that went through earlier in the year.

On that whole round trip the only place I was charged was Ocala, FL on the way up, and Jacksonville, FL on the way back.

stevehendler | 11 september 2019

The Bahamas are sounding like a good place to charge. Not sure how the amenities will compare tho..

PECo CT | 11 september 2019

This is probably a stupid question, but if I were to buy a Model S with Free Unlimited Supercharging, would the free part also extend to my Model 3?

jimglas | 11 september 2019

nope, specific to the vehicle and only for you as long as you own it.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 11 september 2019

I didn’t get charged at the Mobile AL supercharger on Sunday. No record of it on my Tesla account history, either.

jimglas | 11 september 2019

probably because of the recent hurricane …...

bjrosen | 11 september 2019

Not sure why anyone is so concerned with free supercharging. The Model 3 gets 4 miles/KW. Assuming that you do 90% of your charging at home that means you will get about 12,500 miles of supercharging over the next ten years, that's 3125KW @28 cents/KWh or $875. Per year that's $87.50. You bought a $50,000 car, you can afford to spend $87.50 a year to charge it.

SamO | 11 september 2019


CST | 11 september 2019

Is the San Diego Qualcomm SC still free?

texxx | 11 september 2019

Stopped at Waco out and back on a long trip on 8/21 and 8/25. No charge for either stop.

darrell | 11 september 2019

Charged at Waco on 9/7. Free

kelder | 11 september 2019

Free charging at home: live in a condo and the garage is on the association pays for the electricity in the garage as they have no way to separate it by owner. Free until they catch on.

Free charging at work: company installed a Nema 14-50 for my use.

Life is good so far :-)

ccrandal | 12 september 2019

I know of a free one around Orlando, FL. I believe its free because there is a huge solar array that powers the rest stop that the SCs are in the parking lot of.

nwfan | 12 september 2019

My last stop at the Waco TX Supercharger was free. Thank you Collin St Bakery.
However, Lindale TX I was charged. Guess not all the Collin St Bakery locations
are free.

I charged at the Corsicana TX location with my Model S. It was free. Haven't tried it
with my Model 3 which is pay per use.

gballant4570 | 12 september 2019

The charges I've seen from my use of Tesla Superchargers have been quite low. Certainly low enough that I wouldn't adjust my route to avoid them....

And the fact is, as drivers in the EV landscape, we need to support public fast charging. Paying for it is the best method we have for doing that.

Earl and Nagin ... | 12 september 2019 allows you to filter on "payment required". Its probably about 50% accurate or so. These are almost always slow Level 2 chargers, seldom DC fast chargers.
Also, the free ones are usually, IMHO, in use.

beachmiles | 13 september 2019

I don't have home or workplace charging so I don't have a 90% charge at home status. So I would be very interested in free supercharging for my M3 which was over my budget to begin with.

derotam | 13 september 2019

@beachmiles, there is no free supercharging for model 3's generally... Do you have a driveway, and or garage/carport? If so then you should have a 120V outlet in proximity to your car that you can charge with.

spuzzz123 | 13 september 2019

Work on referral credits that could get you some free charging I guess

AirPeon | 15 oktober 2019

Darien, CT and Greenwich, CT superchargers were free for me yesterday. I think the state of CT may be subsidizing those.

jordanrichard | 15 oktober 2019

AirPeon, no. CT is not subsidizing Tesla chargers. They would then have to pay for everyone's charging at all EV charging locations in the state.

Idahorefugee | 16 oktober 2019

@andrewlee05, when we pick up our Teslas, there's a several day wait until our cars are fully in the system. During this time, for instance, our cars don't show up on the web site under "tesla account". One benefit is that during these initial few days, supercharging is free. I too was getting free supercharging when I first got my car, but it only lasted for about a week.

kevin_rf | 16 oktober 2019

People have commented on Darien being free before. I know the few times I've hit it, I wasn't charged. Will have to go look if I was charged at Greenwich.

Effopec | 16 oktober 2019

I had noted that I got charged at the Waco SC a few months ago for the first time. Yesterday I got a message from Tesla that they had incorrectly charged me and were refunding me $13.33. Nice surprise.

DavidKP | 19 oktober 2019

Two free Tesla supercharger locations I know in the Carolinas: 1) North Hills shopping center Raleigh, NC; 2) Myrtle Beach, SC. Great question and wish someone would compile list because there actually are many free locations.
OK, reading the reviews above I really am disappointed by the lack of professionalism. We are TESLA owners right? Above criticisms are really lowbrow demonstrations. Its actually a great question. I work at the North Hills location having 12 superchargers and used them for 2 months before realizing they are FREE (Kane Realty who operates North Hills pays all costs). I have yet to find a discussion of free locations, although I've haphazardly found two already.

apodbdrs | 20 oktober 2019

Want free charging, give friends, neighbors, acquaintances, etc. your referral number for them to buy a Tesla. Both parties get free miles

jes.deis | 3 november 2019

Charged in greenwich, ct yesterday and pleasantly surprised to see a charge of $0!

Agree it’s fair to want to know of more of these sites. If business’ want to show their support for environmental responsibility while attracting business they could subsidize these costs. Clearly some places already recognize this and seems fair to celebrate them and spread the word to attract more business for these folks.

ElectricBiker | 8 november 2019

so no up to date current list?
Looking for free superchargers locations (not destination chargers)
If they exist, for DMV area

derotam | 8 november 2019

There are no Free Tesla Superchargers, with the exception being Tesla temporarily making certain ones free due to natural disasters.

hokiegir1 | 8 november 2019

Turkey Lake on the FL Turnpike used to be free, but I haven't investigated in awhile. It was not related to hurricane evac waiving, but because it's one of those center-island type service centers, they sponsored it. | 8 november 2019

I have yet to be charged for supercharging at santa ana main place mall location in CA, and my free supercharging ended 6 months ago. As i charge, my “current session” shows a dollr amount, but when i unplug, it goes back down to $0.

Effopec | 8 november 2019

@derotam - that is a false statement. People here have listed several that never charge a fee. I have used ones that never charge a fee.

ElectricBiker | 8 november 2019

dang, I don't want to move to Cali to get free supercharging