Does Dec 2016 Manufacture Date have transferable Supercharging?

Does Dec 2016 Manufacture Date have transferable Supercharging?

I'm in the middle of selling my refreshed 2016 Model S 90D that was manufactured in Dec. 2016 and wonder if the car has transferable supercharging as this would add a lot of value to the car. I can't find anything definitive so any help in pointing me to anything official from Tesla would be greatly appreciated. Or who can I even email at Tesla would be helpful.

steveg1701 | 12 september 2019

Look in your Tesla account and it will tell you!

Bighorn | 12 september 2019

When did you take delivery?

EVRider | 13 september 2019

Your original order agreement should say this. The web site is unreliable. Even if your car has transferrable supercharging, there are reports that Tesla isn’t transferring it in all cases.

Bill_75D | 13 september 2019

My car was built and delivered to me on December 2016. My purchase order states "Supercharger Enabled" and makes no mention of transferring to the next owner. My account used to say free unlimited supercharging WILL transfer to the next owner, but that has been removed. I have no idea whether Tesla will keep their word when I sell my Model S.

akikiki | 13 september 2019

With so many unknowns about these transfers today, I would approach this a little different. After someone bought my car, I would change my password to a temp password, change the email address to "his" email address, then log back in and remove my personal data such as my driver's license and insurance card pictures. In effect, I would turn over my Tesla account, to the new owner. My account shows Unlimited Free SuperCharging, so this way I think it lessens the risk of it being not transferred. I guess that new owner would inherit my comments on the forum and my perfect reputation (poor him).