$3K upgrade - Enhanced autopilot to full self-driving

$3K upgrade - Enhanced autopilot to full self-driving

I'm very confused - I paid my $3K to upgrade my enhanced autopilot to full self-driving during the August promotion - As far as I know all I got from Tesla was a charge on my credit card - Is there an indication on the car that would show the installation of the upgrade to "full self-driving"? - (Yes, I know full self-driving isnt yet available, but I thought id get something) - did my upgrade slip thru the cracks? - was the installation delayed? - Seems like I'd get some notice of the upgrade or an explanation of delay - some explanation - Someone please help me understand?

if I remember correctly, when ordering the email said to expect an upgrade "within 3 days"...

cybergrafx | 16 september 2019

it shows up in your account. Login to - go to manage - view details. Post delivery options.

Bighorn | 16 september 2019


rob | 16 september 2019

Purchased mine in July. Took mine a while to show up on my Options list, about 6 weeks. I quit looking and just assumed it would never show up there. , Then checked one day and it dropped EAP and listed FSD.

martinwpaul | 17 september 2019

cybergrafx & rob - thank you - I do see its been updated to full self-driving....

eileenrudden | 17 september 2019

I am considering purchasing the self driving option. I assume certain new features beyond Enhanced Autopilot are being delivered. What are they?

Right now I use Enhanced Autopilot extensively on highway, but not on local streets.


lbowroom | 17 september 2019

" I assume certain new features beyond Enhanced Autopilot are being delivered"

Currently, no. Future, yes.

mrburke | 17 september 2019

As we are on the topic---
Does anyone know if the new "Advanced,Enhanced,Smart" Summon is part of EAP or just FSD ?

Techy James | 17 september 2019

@eileenrudden Current patch the answer is no. Once V10 comes out is first FSD feature that isn't in the EAP set of features. That new feature is the enhanced summon where you can summon car to your location.
As for EAP on city road, I occasionally do it just to see the progress, which has improved in the 9 months I have owned the car. Warning using EAP on rural roads will incur a significant increase in what some refer to as phantom braking. Tends to happen most when a car approaches from side street or car crosses road in front of you to leave/enter road

Bighorn | 17 september 2019

As James said, it's part of FSD only.

zafarula | 17 september 2019

I paid $5K in April when Elon said its going to go way up later in the year (but it came down). Nothing much has happened since. I think I should ask for a credit of $2K from Tesla.

bradbomb | 17 september 2019

@Bighorn I thought Advanced/Enhanced/Smart Summon was a part of EAP, but not a part of AP. Back when it was a future feature, this is how the autopilot page on Tesla looked like:

Smart Summon was under Enhanced AutoPilot.

I'm just confused again because I thought it was previously cleared up this year that Enhanced Autopilot cars would get Smart Summon

Bighorn | 17 september 2019

You may be correct. I was under the impression that future updates wouldn't be going to EAP. Perhaps part of the FOMO that had me plunk down $3k in August:)

WardT | 17 september 2019

I wish Tesla would work on rolling out FSD and stop running off to Germany to show up a Porsche car that isn't even available yet.

WardT | 17 september 2019

Oh, and send out enhanced summons which was 2 weeks away in April.... but I love my Tesla!

Bighorn | 17 september 2019

Because 40,000+ employees can't walk and chew gum.

mrburke | 17 september 2019

I am glad that I am not the only one who is a little confused about summon.

EVRider | 17 september 2019

Tesla said that Smart Summon (which is what I think they're calling it now) will go to people with EAP. They haven't commented on other future features.

vmulla | 17 september 2019

You bring up a good point about EAP not getting future features.
I'm unable to visualize which existing features in EAP would not be benefiting from improvements in v10.
Please share what you thought would happen that prompted your decision.

BTW I'm asking because when we experienced V10 yesterday, the discussion was mostly about the need for HW3 to support V10 - essentially if it really made sense to spend 3k if the owner is happy with EAP feature set.

Bighorn | 17 september 2019

The impetus was also the prospect of a price hike, but it seemed like a line was being drawn about future updates. Recognizing stop lights, coming to a stop and all the future benefits that would work toward FSD were things I’d like to experience. That said, I’m debating whether I’d choose FSD if I purchase a Raven X until it is more fully developed.

CharleyBC | 17 september 2019

Didn't Elon say some months ago that FSD would be able to stop at red lights and stop signs by the end of 2019?

I'm just sitting back patiently waiting for cool things to be added to our car since we bought FSD. So far, it's just like buying wine futures. It'll come...

vmulla | 17 september 2019

Fair points, thank you.

What a great analogy, I like it.

gil | 5 januari 2020

I have never had the option to upgrade anywhere obvious in my Tesla Account. I have the Enhanced Autopilot, where does one even go to upgrade to Full Self Driving?

EVRider | 5 januari 2020

@gil: You can now do that from the mobile app, in the Upgrades section. I don't know if you can still do it from the web site, but it used to be in the Shop section on the bottom of the vehicle page.

I think the current FSD price is $4,000 if you have EAP.