Idiot uses weight on steering wheel, his EAP privilege should be pulled !

Idiot uses weight on steering wheel, his EAP privilege should be pulled !

So person in early adapters program posts video using a weight on wheel, how does this person get EAP status? isn't there NDA also?? should have his EAP status pulled ( I will take his position in the program please Tesla)

shank15217 | 19 september 2019

So the reason he did that was probably because NoA requires hands on wheel and it's hard to prove the car is driving if your hand is on the wheel all the time.

jamespompi | 19 september 2019

At least he was smart enough not to drop $200 on an AP buddy

M3phan | 19 september 2019

Violating safety, common sense, and the EAP NDA. How about sticking your feet up on the dash to prove you weren’t using those as well? How about using the weight then going to sleep, that’ll really prove something, huh?!?? Yep, it all proves he’s an irresponsible idiot. Using that weight so flagrantly just to make a point, completely unnecessary. Could’ve kept one hand on wheel for torque, and when car was initiating a lane change then maybe lift the hand off momentarily to make your point. This video was dangerous and in the end did nothing to help the Tesla cause.

bruryan | 19 september 2019

A simple reminder of what brain chemistry, genetics, and being infected with bugs effects on human (and animal behavior). Your disgust with their behavior is misguided. To them, this is a perfectly reasonable action.
There is a bug that comes from rats/mice that affects the animal to behave extremely bold and indifferent to cats. The bug can only be spread by having been in the cat. The rat comes to enjoy the smell of cat piss, normally a loath. There isn't an effect on the cat but the bug can be transferred to people and it there too influences the human in behaving abnormally cautiously.

RollTideTesla | 19 september 2019

@shank15217: Of course that's the reason. Doesn't mean it wasn't a really dumb, unsafe thing to do. I just hope the video doesn't get a lot of views or more idiots will be tempted to do this and post it.

jimglas | 19 september 2019

He is trying to get a Darwin Award

aptwo | 19 september 2019

I didn't watch the video but was he paying attention to the road while doing it? if he is then what is the problem here?

shank15217 | 19 september 2019

@RollTideTesla yea but that's besides the point, the technical reason is that NoA car initiated auto lane changes requires constant torque on the wheel. We can argue about the safety the NDA breaking all day long.

nicholb | 19 september 2019

From all the videos and info, there are a lot of people who don't take the NDA seriously. I wonder how many times Tesla actually kicks people out of the program for violating it.

spuzzz123 | 19 september 2019

I can’t seem to view the video. Says I need to be granted permission. I wonder if it got yanked by something Tesla initiated.

Effopec | 19 september 2019

For the purposes of the video I have no problem with it, other than it gives idiots that want to multitask an idea on how to defeat the nag.

M3phan | 19 september 2019

With the amount of media, big oil, legacy car makers, and Wall Street FUD against Tesla, I hate seeing a few Tesla owners giving Tesla and the rest of us, a bad rap.
He’s a Bonehead.

rasinas | 19 september 2019

I was more blown away that he had a Blackberry phone. Didn't know these were still around.