Sentry mode without lights

Sentry mode without lights

Is there any way to deactivate the lights coming on every time someone walks past the car?
Conscious that people might then notice it, think it's unlocked and try to break in.
Also quite annoying that the lights come on every time it thinks there's a event as I park it in an underground car park where some people walk past.

Sentry mode is a great feature, just wish there was some way to disable the lights coming on when recording. | 23 september 2019

Nope - it's all or nothing.

EVRider | 23 september 2019

The headlights are just the car’s way of saying “hey, I’m keeping my eyes on you.” :-)

rajan900 | 24 september 2019

That's a means that more people then notice the car and want to have a look at/in the car which increases the likelihood of a break-in

rkalbiarEV | 24 september 2019

Agreed. I prefer this not happen... maybe someday.

EVRider | 24 september 2019

@rajan900: You worry too much.

rajan900 | 24 september 2019

@Evrider unfortunately previous experience tells me I don't worry enough! :(

calvin940 | 24 september 2019

I think the lights makes the likelihood of a breakin less. If they are aware that the car is actively aware, there is a better change that while being curious they won't action.

I personally like the lights and want to keep them behaving this way.

CharleyBC | 24 september 2019

Different people, different opinions. As a software designer, I’m hearing a request for a configuration option!

rajan900 | 24 september 2019

Yeh I think it would perhaps be best to give people the option in the settings....Tesla if you're listening one to add in pretty please :)

mem10123 | 24 september 2019

I agree, should be configurable. The other day I pulled the USB stick and scanned though, saw a few occurrences of the lights coming on and people stopping to look and figure out what just happened who otherwise would’ve just passed on by without notice. Personally I’d rather not draw attention. Maybe if someone get prolonged too close, then maybe... but just for a walk by, I would prefer it just sit there unnoticed.

court | 8 oktober 2019

I just got a Model 3 and I think it would be nice if parking lights flashed instead. A friend told me that a Tesla was parked outside his office window, and flashed its lights every couple minutes, distracting him and annoying him. Considering all one has to do is cover their face if they are aware of sentry mode, I'd think we don't want to annoy anyone who might take out their anger in the wrong way.

lowcarbon | 8 december 2019

It would be great to have user-configurable option to turn off super-bright headlamp flash or select indicators instead (same as when car locked). Unfortunately the bright flash draws too much attention and annoys neighbours!