Tesla charger not recognized for incentive in BC

Tesla charger not recognized for incentive in BC

The government of British Columbia, Canada this week announced incentives for home and commercial installations of Level 2 Chargers. Hooray? Except the small print does not include Tesla on their approved list! Every other make of Level 2 charger is there, but I presume Tesla is not there as it is "not purchased in BC". How lame is that? They are looking to incent early adopters but at the same time exclude the largest provider of electric vehicles and the whole online channel of purchasing (that would presumably be favored by early adopters).
It is the same with EV incentives in BC too. My AWD was not eligible for a dime in incentives and yet the SR+ collects a total of $8,000.
Time for Tesla and Tesla owners to speak out.

Somerside | 29 september 2019

Recent purchaser of M3

rxlawdude | 29 september 2019

Probably due to the proprietary nature of Tesla connectors, and thus applies only to J-1772 EVSEs.

Somerside | 2 oktober 2019

I get that it is a proprietary connection, but when you are the market leader, why not offer a premium experience? To me it compounds the anti Tesla use of the incentive programs by both the federal and provincial governments. It is still a charger after all.

damon.chisholm | 4 oktober 2019

I reached out to the info site on this and this was their reply:

From the program guide: "For applicants living in a SFH, the EV charging equipment must be purchased and installed before applying to the Program." The pre-approval process is for condos with parkades requiring strata council approval for work to be done. Since you have a private garage, you shouldn't need pre-approval. But let us know if your parking situation requires strata council approval for electrical work.
The Tesla charging stations are not eligible, but your vehicle most likely came with a J-1772 plug adapter, so you can still use a universal charging station with your Tesla.
As for the application process and the $350 matching rebate, you'll want to get confirmation directly from BC Hydro. The EV Advisor service does not administer the applications.

damon.chisholm | 9 oktober 2019

Just received a further reply to my request:

Thank you for your interest in the electrical vehicle charging station programs

The CleanBC EV Charger Rebate program has been updated to include Tesla Wall Connectors on the eligibility list for the single-family home charger rebate.

For further program information please visit

Kind regards,

EV Charger Rebate Program Team