Lane Departure and Lane Keep Assist NOT WORKING Anymore

Lane Departure and Lane Keep Assist NOT WORKING Anymore

Anyone else have this problem? It used to really push my car back into the lane if I didn't use my turn signal to change lanes above a certain speed (like 27 mph and higher). Now, I can just change lanes with no warning beeps and no throwing my car back into the center of the lane. My feature is activated in settings. I tried resetting the car with a hard reset (buttons held in and foot on the brake pedal). Still won't work.

4pawprintz | 29 september 2019

I have noticed the same thing but wasn't sure as I've only had my car for 4 weeks.

spiderx1 | 30 september 2019

Mine never worked correctly and now does not work at all.

tdwin2000 | 30 september 2019

I contacted my local service center and they said to bring it in to get it checked out. I personally think that they cancelled the feature for safety reasons. Sounds funny to say for safety reasons but....I remember the first time it kicked me back into my lane. It's pretty strong. I forgot to use my turn signal once and it surprised me. The person driving behind me must have thought I had been drinking as it swerved to get back into my lane and they I put my signal on and crossed the lane. I think it was too powerful of a kickback. However, if that's the case they should post a notice regarding this.

beaver | 30 september 2019

Mine worked once today, it corrected me back into the lane. But then it didn’t work again when I intentionally tested it. It is very inconsistent at best.

bjrosen | 30 september 2019

I've noticed it also, maybe they've just made it gentler, it was pretty violent before.

Effopec | 30 september 2019

I've had mine set on warning with the steering wheel shake, but that disappeared a few months ago. Not sure what the issue is.

vmulla | 30 september 2019

Same observation here. I thought to check my settings after my drive and forgot about it.

jayjones4 | 30 september 2019

Same here completely stopped working once I upgraded to V10.

wiscy67 | 30 september 2019

Mine still works great as always but I haven't received V10 yet.

TexasBob | 30 september 2019

I have 32.11 and can confirm that it "worked" this morning for me (I was coming onto an intersection with two left turn lanes and I started to move into the furthest one when it grabbed the wheel and pushed me back with a "how many times do I have to tell you to put on the turn signal first" attitude).

Shesmyne2 | 30 september 2019

Glad to hear.
Thought it was just me.
I’ll reboot & try again tomorrow. I have V11

Still Grinning ;-)

beaver | 30 september 2019

I am still living in 1989 i.e. v9

FISHEV | 30 september 2019

It's always been problematic. I had Tesla do a road service call. The tech and I drove down a major road and no Lane Keeping/Warning. Tech calls Tesla factory as we drive, the factory tech is looking at the car via Virtual Technician and confirms with the tech in the car that...this is "Operating Within Normal Limits". Another Tesla owner and I ran the same road in his Model 3 lane keeping on that road.

Lane keeping/assist seems to work the first time it sees the line and not the second or any subsequent times. Pretty easy to duplicate. Again per Tesla this is "Normal" and this is before latest update which seems to have made it even softer.

It's odd as Auto Steer sees the lines clearly and responds to them so the tech sees the lines. Tesla, for whatever reason, has basically disabled Lane Keeping/Assist. Is it necessary for AutoSteer to work?

Resist | 30 september 2019

FISHEV - I agree it has been problematic. Some roads it works on and some roads it doesn't. Seems odd that this feature doesn't always see the road lines, when AP does.

parekh1830 | 8 november 2019

I have had the car for about 5 weeks now and the lane keep assist chime and steer do not seem to work. I am on V32.12.2. Has anyone been able to fix or correct this issue?

jimmyk667 | 8 november 2019

It works above 40mph. Prior to v10, it used to work around 25mph. So they changed the speed threshold for this to happen.

wcsmith55 | 8 november 2019

I just picked my car up after service for this problem. tried going over the line on the way home and got a warning about every tenth time.. I was happy when it would just vibrate but it doesn't even do that any more..I think it started with v10..

FISHEV | 8 november 2019

"tried going over the line on the way home and got a warning about every tenth time"@wcsmith55

About what I get. I gave it a 50/50 but your ratio is more the fact. For a key safety to work 10% of the time is useless.

wcsmith55 | 8 november 2019

I agree .All or nothing.

FISHEV | 8 november 2019

Did you get the same service report "Within Normal Limits" even though it demonstrably only works occasionally.

wcsmith55 | 8 november 2019

I did it says functioning as designed. so I guess it was designed not to function.

FISHEV | 9 november 2019

"I did it says functioning as designed. so I guess it was designed not to function."@wcsmith55

It's Casual Lane Keeping. Add to the Squirelly Adaptive Cruise, the Blind Blind Spot warning and the non-existent Rear Cross Traffic Warning.

Just mind boggling that $50k high tech car has low tek to no tek basic safeties.

swanson21 | 9 november 2019

I'm pretty sure it works only when you haven't nudged or turned the wheel for some time and that's how it's supposed to work...just like when on AP and it starts blinking blue, that's when the system is "armed" so to speak.

It's not supposed to do anything when it knows you've been paying attention etc.

andy | 9 november 2019

Thanks @swanson21 that makes a lot of sense. I’ve never experienced it working and don’t miss it. The way it was implemented in the Leaf was too aggressive for my tastes so I switched it off. If it’s designed the way you describe then that’s a good choice.

teslamazing | 9 november 2019

Tesla to surpass 2 billion AP miles by Monday if not already. Amazing.

FISHEV | 10 november 2019

"I'm pretty sure it works only when you haven't nudged or turned the wheel for some time and that's how it's supposed to work."@swanson21

That's not how lane keeping/assist is supposed to work. It is supposed to let you know every time you cross the line. It can't work "part time" and be effective. Most allow you to toggle it on and off with button if you are in situation where lane keeping alarm is annoying.

Something like 30% of this most deadly crash, driving into opposing traffic for small overlap head on, occurs with people have medical issues so swerving and car has turned off the safeties when you need it most.

1. Needs to work 100% of the time.
2. Needs to be able easily toggle on/off
3. Needs to be able to easily choose alarm and alarm/assist

It's like BSI deficiency. Tesla could easily fix it but its a "Musk likes it" issue vs. a logical,, safety issue for Tesla so no plans to fix it. Drives you crazy that it is so good tech as EV and so bad tech on safeties and electronics.

teslamazing | 10 november 2019

Why do you still own a Tesla ? Truly mind boggling.

Magic 8 Ball | 10 november 2019

Yeah, similar thought, he did a bunch of research and rented first and still bought but is by and far expressing extreme disappointment with just about everything Tesla. My take a way is: extremely poor judgement, comprehension, and reasoning. Epic failure.

FISHEV | 10 november 2019

"Lane-departure warning systems lower the rates of three types of passenger car crashes—single-vehicle, side-swipes, and head-on—by 11 percent and cut injuries in those same types of crashes by 21 percent, the study found."

Magic 8 Ball | 10 november 2019

Safest crash tested car off all time = Tesla Model 3. There is no safer car, tested by the gold standard NHTSA, to be in when in an accident.

Accidents happen and good drivers, without fancy gimmick devices, have been driving safely for years. I think I would rather be in the safest crash tested car with odds being so high that someone else, with an inferior car that has systems that fail, smashes into me.

teslamazing | 10 november 2019

Safest car in the WORLD even WITHOUT these features. Amazing.

bkillen | 11 november 2019

My Lane Departure... stopped working altogether. It doesn't work even though the car 'sees' even a double yellow line. This morning as I started down my street I saw one of those little black warning notices. It mentioned the Lane Departure... was not working. There was more but the sign is so small that I cannot read it without lifting my bifocals and peering closer. Just as I did that it disappeared. (I am generally unable to read those notices.) I don't know what is going on. Didn't I pay for the feature?

FISHEV | 12 november 2019

"This morning as I started down my street I saw one of those little black warning notices. It mentioned the Lane Departure... was not working."@bkillen

That may have just been the AM BSI/Lane Keep not Working warning we all get in the AM when the camera's are covered with condensation. It usually goes away after driving a few minutes the condensation clears. A couple threads on tat issue.

Just every day all day the Lane Keeping by itself doesn't work, once maybe and then quits. AutoSteer does work so it's Tesla telling it to not work for some reason vs. the car not seeing the lines.

PixelatedDensity2 | 12 november 2019

Just my two cents here. New owner and it's only tripped once for me. But that one time was a legit you aren't paying attention. I thought I turned AP on when but I must of only turned the cruise on, car started to drift and it beeped at me. Maybe it uses some new deep sense algo to detect when it's intentional or not. Or maybe it's only currently with just the cruise enabled. Idk.