V10 Mobile App Garage HomeLink

V10 Mobile App Garage HomeLink

I just got the V10 update i have not driven the car yet but browsed through it a little, super stoked about this update. However one thing i can’t seem to find is the garage open/close button in the app. Do i need fsd with summon feature to see this?

jvcesare | 2 oktober 2019

It's under CONTROLS to the right of the TRUNK open button

teabucket | 2 oktober 2019

I have the same issue ,the icon is not there on mine .

gkohn | 2 oktober 2019

Mine doesn't show it there either. I do have it setup and working from the car.

Peef | 2 oktober 2019

I have the same issue. Homelink is installed and working in my car, but the icon isn't present in the app. Restarting the app did not correct it.

rick.seigleman | 2 oktober 2019

Same issue. .. Homelink is installed and working in my car, but the icon isn't present in the app. Restarting the app did not correct it.

007bond | 2 oktober 2019

Yup just checked and Homelink totally been setup and working now V10 and app just does not have the option has everything else it should just not homelink. Even cleared cache on the app no dice.

rick.seigleman | 2 oktober 2019

anyone try deleting app and downloading it again ?

007bond | 2 oktober 2019

I was going to try clearing data and or remove app but last time I did that is was a hassle. Then you lose your phone as a key, you have to delete it from the car and put it back again, then you have to relink it to your profile. Not impossible just a hassle and who knows if that is even the issue.

cmkc89 | 2 oktober 2019

I haven’t tried deleting the app yet, will try that in the morning.

EVRider | 3 oktober 2019

Before deleting the app, just check your app store and see if there’s a newer version available.

Note that the HomeLink feature in the app isn’t new, but previously it was on the Summon screen.

ronocoug | 3 oktober 2019

Same issue, no HomeLink button in the mobile app. Just got V10 last night and I've had the new iPhone app shortly after it was available. I've done a hard reset on my HomeLink icon in the app. Tried powering down luck

@rick.seigleman - I deleted the app this morning and re-installed...still no HomeLink icon.

Next, I'm going to have the wife upgrade her Android app and see if it shows on that platform.

ronocoug | 3 oktober 2019

Wife update her Android app to the latest and still no HomeLink icon in the Tesla app. Nuts!

MAB1980 | 3 oktober 2019

I don’t have it in the app either, not that I’d prefer to pull my phone out to open the garage door.

cmkc89 | 3 oktober 2019

So I’ve deleted the app and started over still nothing, app is up to date. Not sure what else to do. It’s not a big disappointment but my MyQ app doesn’t work all the time so thought it would be nice to use the app.

007bond | 3 oktober 2019

So not sure if this is correct or not.

But seems the people with summons can go to the summons screen in the car and enable homelink and then the icon shows up in the app.

However I do not have AP or anything so I have no way to go to the summon screen.

So I am trying to see if only the people that do not have summos are the ones having he issue.

gemologist101 | 3 oktober 2019

Same here. No homelink button anywhere to be found in the app. Running latest version. I reallllly need this feature

EVRider | 3 oktober 2019

Did those of you who don’t see the Homelink feature install Homelink after delivery, or was it included with the car? I wonder if the account data is incorrect for people who installed Homelink later and the app doesn’t think you have it.

kbusarow | 3 oktober 2019

Same here. Homelink works fine in the car, not shown on the app.

Michael | 3 oktober 2019

@ EVRider - Yes, my Homelink was installed after delivery ($300 addon) and icon is not in my app. - Hopefully Tesla will fix this in the next update that Homelink icon gets configured in the Homelink screen instead of the Summon (which we without AP do not have)

007bond | 3 oktober 2019

My homelink has been there 14 months now and I have used it since day one.

CharleyBC | 3 oktober 2019

Several of you mentioned updating your app, but I don't think anyone specified the version.

To be precise, I have the HOMELINK button on my app's CONTROLS screen. I am on iOS app version 3.10.0.

I have FSD, which I wouldn't expect to be a factor, but just for completeness.

alpax | 4 oktober 2019

@CharleyBC: You've got FSD, and I believe this is important.
Opening garage door makes sense for the Summon feature: open garage using the app, remotely move the car out, close the garage.
I don't have FSD, and I don't see the HomeLink button in the app. My friend who has FSD, has this button.

Guys who don't see the HomeLink button in the app: do you have FSD?

roberts | 5 oktober 2019

I bought the car in May 2018. Homelink came preinstalled with the car (as far as I remember). I received the V10 update a few days ago. There is no Homelink icon on the Tesla app on my android phone. According to my phone, the Tesla app is up to date.

kevin_rf | 5 oktober 2019

Can I act a little confused, I recall this feature being in a previous version of the app earlier in the year. As in I remember using it and going that's cool, then forgetting about it. In that incarnation the button only showed up if the car gps position thought it was in range of your garage door. What is new with it? I am a little confused.

It does show up in my Android Tesla app.

EVRider | 5 oktober 2019

@kevin: The HomeLink icon used to be on the Summon screen, so you could only access it if you had EAP or FSD. Now it’s apparently on the controls screen. I haven’t installed V10 yet so I don’t see the change.

kevin_rf | 5 oktober 2019

Got it, thanks.

Tronguy | 5 oktober 2019

And, for those whose app doesn't show the homelink icon: Before reinstalling the app, try logging out of it, then back in again. That made a difference on how the SO's app was working.

neishloss | 5 oktober 2019

@Tronguy, just tried that: still a no-show for the HomeLink control. I don't have FSD, so my guess is the app itself will need to be updated in order for that option to show up (assuming Tesla bothers to address it at all).

rfpmoxie | 5 oktober 2019

Add me to the list.. Homelink came with the car and works fine. After the software update 2019.32.11.1, I updated
the phone APP from the Google Play store and now have 3.10.0. The Vent feature is there but Homelink is AWOL.

rpc_in_va | 5 oktober 2019

Same here. Homelink came on the car, car is on 32.11.1, iPhone is on 3.10.0. No FSD, no homelink button (but I do have vent). I just tried logging out and back in on the app but no dice.

howard | 5 oktober 2019

P3D+ came with HomeLink. I have FSD and the HomeLink icon is on the controls page. iPhone and everything is up to date.

EVRider | 6 oktober 2019

See the last comment from kevin in this thread:

rfpmoxie | 6 oktober 2019

Unless I've misinterpreted, Kevin and Howard resolve this issue for folks who have FSD which has the summon command. Many of us don't have FSD but have Homelink. Will we not have this feature on the phone APP?

cmkc89 | 6 oktober 2019

From what I’ve been reading it’s seems that we have to have fsd with summon feature for this options to show up. Unfortunately Tesla may have forgotten to mention that, or maybe didn’t realize it would be an issue for us without fsd.

EVRider | 6 oktober 2019

Previously you needed Summon to access the HomeLink icon because it was on the Summon screen in the app. You would think the new location wouldn’t require Summon, and I’m guessing that was the intent of the change, but it sounds like it wasn’t implemented correctly. Chances are that will get fixed.

Note that cars with Enhanced Autopilot get Summon too. Cars with basic Autopilot do not.

Tesla2018 | 6 oktober 2019

Do cars that dont have Enhanced Autopilot have a button saying Autopilot when they go to the settings area of the screen? When you click on it is there a slider button that says Summon (Beta) that has a larger Customize Summon button appear if you turn Summon on? When you click on the Customize Summon button a new screen appears that lets you select clearance and things like continuous press. Underneath that it says Use Auto Homelink This needs to be set to ON and then you need to pick which one of the programmed Homelink buttons you want the Mobile App to use.

syclone | 6 oktober 2019

In my car LR_RWD- EAP, Homelink always worked as part of summon, as well as in the car. Since V10, Homelink still works in the car, however, it's no longer in summon, but in Controls, and Doesn't work What's going on here.

EVRider | 7 oktober 2019

@syclone: See the thread that I referenced above.

mixedguy | 5 november 2019

Guys I've been reading the forum both for answers and to see what it will take to get Homelink working in my M3 LRD.

It appears that this used to be a function that was included in Model 3's up until spring 2019.
Those who took delivery before or right around that time had the feature installed.

We took possession of our Model 3 LR AWD FSD EAP in September. It was only an option to purchase through the Tesla store. It's $300 US and $400 CDN.

Once you purchase the feature you must pick an install date with a Tesla service center near you.
It states that it will take up to a month. I will update this post once that service has been performed.
I'm not sure where the homelink function will be located on the car and on the app but will advise accordingly.

I don't believe setup has anything to do with FSD or EAP features.
It's simply what time of year you purchased your M3 and whether you bought the homelink app after spring 2019.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, as I would have loved to have this feature without dropping the $420

EVRider | 5 november 2019

@mixedguy: The HomeLink feature itself doesn’t have any dependency on EAP or FSD, but there seems to be a bug in the mobile app that prevents some users without EAP or FSD (specifically, Summon) from accessing HomeLink from the app. It works fine from the car.

Hopefully that bug will be fixed by the time you get HomeLink installed, but if you only use HomeLink from the car (like most people) the bug won’t impact you anyway.

vishnumoole9 | 11 november 2019

I have a 2018 Model 3, no EAP or FSD. Homelink was included at the time of delivery, works just fine in the car. But I do not see anything in the app and the release notes do say that there should be an option in the app. I don’t have summon option, the app in iphone is uptodate. Any help?

EVRider | 11 november 2019

I think all you can do is wait for Tesla to fix the bug. Or buy FSD. :-)