Model 3 - Resuming audio playback on USB

Model 3 - Resuming audio playback on USB

Sure this has been covered on other posts but raising again anyway, is there any solution to usb audio not resuming when I re-enter the vehicle each time? Ive tried various devices from usb 2/3 sticks to portable hard drives, all my music loads fine but rarely resumes playback when I get back into the car. Frustrating this is, 10% of the time it does resume, thinking its sorted but alas not! Any other opinions/solutions appreciated.

EVRider | 10 oktober 2019

No solution, and it has nothing to do with the USB you’re using. I have the same issue in both our Model 3 and Model S. There was some improvement in earlier V9 updates, but later V9 updates made it worse.

If the car hasn’t been sleeping, for example if Sentry Mode was on, playback might resume automatically (but might not), but not otherwise.

I haven’t upgraded to V10 yet — have you? I was hoping this problem would be fixed in V10.

tew ms us | 10 oktober 2019

Not fixed in v10.

I've noticed that once in awhile USB playback will resume where it stopped 2 starts ago. Example: I started up, poked around to get my music started, then drove to a friends' house. We left the house to go to a restaurant - no USB playback - I didn't try to get it going. We had a meal and went back to the car; the music picked up where it left off after my original stop at my friends' house.

chris.herbert | 14 oktober 2019

Can also confirm V10 does not fix the problem. Its now started to give me random loading errors on tracks that normally play fine, I have to skip to next track then back again for it to play.

Teslaguy | 14 oktober 2019

Resume works perfectly for me on the latest software both on usb and slacker.

St☰v☰ | 14 oktober 2019

I'm on 32.12.2 and mine works perfectly. To be honest, it also worked on 32.11.1. The only time it doesn't work is if I switch from using the USB to the radio and back to the USB, then I have to go back to the mp3 I was listening to and either replay it from the beginning or try and remember where I was at before I turned the radio on (mostly on prerecorded audio books).

Syed.Hosain | 14 oktober 2019

Some of USB music search and playback functions do not work as well as they should, frankly. But my own fault for not providing some input to Tesla. Will do so.

As of 32.11.1 (which what I have at the moment), there are still issues that make it less than ideal.

My bigger problem with 32.11.1 is that the music system now locks up on occasion - whether it is the radio, streaming, or USB access. Combined with phone lockups, this is becoming irritating. Needs a reboot to clear!

I have held off filing bug reports till I see 32.12.2 since that may fix some of these issues ... I hope!

chris.herbert | 15 oktober 2019

32.12.2 installed today, usb resume issue still persists.

dgstan | 15 oktober 2019

Hell, Spotify doesn't even resume where it left off. Fat chance getting the USB to work right.

cantrell15 | 31 oktober 2019

I have a usb resume issue as well. It works about half the time, but otherwise defaults to Tunein, which I never use and would like to get rid of. Is there any way to delete or hide Tunein?

EVRider | 1 november 2019

Upgrading to V10 didn’t eliminate the problem for me. Interestingly, playback resumed after I removed the TeslaCam drive — are people who never experience the resume playback issue not using TeslaCam?