After any summon, dog mode is disabled!

After any summon, dog mode is disabled!

Heads up all! After ANY summon (smart or regular) , dog mode is disabled. I feel like this should be addressed.

M3phan | 16 oktober 2019

Question, (since I don’t have pets and don’t use this feature ), after summoning a car, isn’t the assumption that you’re going to get in and drive somewhere? So doesn’t it make sense that dog mode would disable after summoning? Or are you saying that a permanent preset that remains on in the background gets shut off, in which case yes, that does sound like a little bug that should probably be brought to their attention via a bug report from your car

Lorenzryanc | 16 oktober 2019

Are you trying to drive your dog around for a YouTube video?

uknowinvu2 | 16 oktober 2019

My dog was in the car, with dog mode on, while I was inside visiting someone. Another guest was trying to leave however my car was blocking them from getting out. From inside the house (of course i had visuals on car) I moved the car backwards about 6 feet to allow the other person to move their vehicle. About 3 minutes after I did this i decided to check the climate through the app and noticed the temperature climbing and dog mode was off. Im glad I checked!! So to answer your question, YES, a permanent preset gets shut off. I even tested this with smart summon and the same thing happens, dog mode gets shut off.

Haha, no, see above!!!

M3phan | 16 oktober 2019

That’s scenario makes sense. Bug report it.

uknowinvu2 | 16 oktober 2019

I did! My thought is that people should know this limitation even if it doesn't get fixed! Or a warning in your app stating "Dog mode will be disabled after summoning".

Bighorn | 16 oktober 2019

Makes sense. It goes off any time the car is turned on.

kevin_rf | 16 oktober 2019

Btw. Massive thread on this over in Tesla Motors Club

In a nutshell some valid use cases exist for doing this, and one proposed solution is it stays on until one of the doors is opened instead of car moved.

jrweiss98020 | 16 oktober 2019

Simply turn on the climate control after you Summon. Dog Mode only adds the cutsey screen...

uknowinvu2 | 16 oktober 2019

That's my thread! People seem nicer here! Lol!

I agree, the point is people should know dog mode turns off after any summon.

kevin_rf | 16 oktober 2019

You don't know us very well, do you ;-)

Tesla2018 | 16 oktober 2019

Who needs Delivery Dudes?
Use Summon and your car will bring you a "hot dog"

Lorenzryanc | 17 oktober 2019

" People seem nicer here! Lol" Does not compute... ;)