Wireless charging pad for Pixel 4

Wireless charging pad for Pixel 4

Just pre ordered the Pixel 4. What charging pad should I buy?

I know this topic has been discussed at nausea. But 1) I never paid attention as my phone didn't have wireless charging and 2) Seems the topic was more for Apple phones.


Mike UpNorth_ | 16 oktober 2019

Bump. I'm feeling lazy and don't want to research.

efuseakay | 16 oktober 2019

They are universal, so it just comes down to how much you want to spend. I have a version 1 Nomad that works great. It’s one of the more expensive ones.

sced06 | 16 oktober 2019

I got the jeda last week and it works great. got it on ebay for a lot less

neylus | 16 oktober 2019

I'd say the Tesla pad is the most attractive (OEM look) and allows for 2 large phones to charge vertically. But its the most expensive...

Syed.Hosain | 16 oktober 2019

I use and love the Taptes charging pad. Works great with my Samsung Galaxy 9+ and my wife's iPhone 10.

Syed.Hosain | 16 oktober 2019

The latest Taptes version also allows horizontal usage for one phone ... if you want to use the screen on the phone in Landscape mode for some other purpose, like a different map engine or something.

Please don't drive distracted, of course!

Mike UpNorth_ | 16 oktober 2019

Thanks everyone.
I didn't know they were universal. Figured I needed a Droid/Apple specific.
Thanks again.

Mike83 | 16 oktober 2019

If you want fast charging like 10W you need something else. Some info.

Mike UpNorth_ | 16 oktober 2019


Thanks and that's super lame of Google.

FISHEV | 16 oktober 2019

I got the TapTes charging pad because it has ability to charge a large phone (my iPhone 7+ in a Mophie wireless charging case by placing it horizontally on the pad. They cut out the divider so one phone can fit across vs. up and down.

They provide all the cables and install was easy.

cortes.tony | 6 december 2019

The Pixel 4 XL does not fit vertically in the TapTes wireless charger (v2).