Tesla increase SR Plus range to 250 miles

Tesla increase SR Plus range to 250 miles

Just checked the Tesla site and now the SR Plus is 250 mile range. It is also a $500 more than before. I wonder if that means those that just purchased it a few months ago has unlocked 10 more miles?

karma01 | 17 oktober 2019

Ah.. damn forum.. didn't see that people already posted this already. It refreshes so slow... I can see why people double post. lol.

FISHEV | 17 oktober 2019

Looking at EPA numbers, the max range that Tesla is telling EPA is 264 mile range for "mid range" Model 3. Tesla has been all over the map with miles and models so hard to know if the website is up to date.

Interesting that the recent software update reduced rated range for most owners but Tesla increased the rated range on the website.

WhiteWi | 17 oktober 2019

Most owners . Like stink Ac right? 60 people total?